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Ra is the Sun-god of Ancient Egypt.

Ra or RA may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Film and television[edit]



  • A half-step below Re on the solfège musical scale




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Government, military, and political organizations[edit]

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  • Ra (Javanese) (ꦫ), a letter in the Javanese script
  • Ra (kana), the Japanese kana ら and ラ
  • ረ and ራ, Amharic letters that can be read as variations of ra, also related to the Semitic resh
  • Resh or rāʾ, 10th letter of Arabic alphabet
  • Ռ or ṙa, the 28th letter in the Armenian alphabet
  • र, ड़', ढ़, and र्ह, Devanagari letters which can be called ra, ṛa or rha
  • Ԗ, the 23rd letter rha («ра») in the older (1924−1927) Moksha language Cyrillic script
  • ர and ற, Tamil letters articulated as ra, tra or dra depending on the consonant complex


Religion and mythology[edit]

Science and technology[edit]

Biology and medicine[edit]



Other uses in science and technology[edit]

  • , a popular parameter of roughness, defined as the average of absolute values of deviation from the mean of a surface
  • Color rendering index (), a measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of objects faithfully
  • Radium, a chemical element with symbol Ra
  • Rain (METAR weather code RA)
  • Rayleigh number, in physics
  • Relation algebra, a type of mathematical structure
  • Right ascension, in astronomy
  • Risk analysis, in several fields

People with the surname[edit]

  • Armen Ra, Iranian-born American musician
  • Aron Ra, American author, podcaster, and atheist activist
  • Ed Ra (born 1981), American politician

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