Rafael Orozco, el ídolo

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Rafael Orozco, el ídolo
Rafael Orozco, el ídolo.jpg
Screenplay by
  • Andrés Felipe Martínez
  • Arleth Castillo
  • Rafael Rojas
Story byDiva Jessurum
Directed by
  • Unai Amuchastegui
  • Andrés Marroquín
Creative director(s)Gŭarnizo and Lizaralde
  • Alejandro Palacio
  • Taliana Vargas
  • Maritza Rodríguez
  • Mario Espitia
  • Ángela Vergara
  • Alberto Pujol
  • Myriam de Lourdes
  • Rafael Camerano
  • Gabriela Ávila
  • Martín Armenta
  • Camila Zárate
  • Peter Cárdenas
  • María Teresa Carrasco
  • Freddy Flórez
  • Rafael Santos
  • Víctor Navarro
  • Aco Pérez
  • Gabriel Andrés Villa
Theme music composerRafael Orozco Maestre
Opening theme"Solo para ti" performed by Alejandro Palacio
Country of originColombia
Original language(s)Spanish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes90
Executive producer(s)Asier Aguilar Amuchastegui
Camera setupMulti-camera
DistributorCaracol Internacional
Original networkCaracol Televisión
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Original releaseNovember 20, 2012 (2012-11-20) –
April 1, 2013 (2013-04-01)
Preceded byPablo Escobar, The Drug Lord
Followed byLa hipocondríaca

Rafael Orozco, el ídolo is a Colombian biographical telenovela produced by Asier Aguilar Amuchastegui for Caracol Televisión.[1] Based on the life of the Colombian singer of vallenato Rafael Orozco Maestre.[2] It stars Alejandro Palacio as the titular character.[3] The series follows the life of Rafael Orozco Maestre in his romantic moments and why he was killed.[4]


"Rafa", as they called it in confidence, was destined to be of those people who never forget. From a very young age he had a special talent for vallenata music, but also possessed a charm that made him irresistible to women. But Clara Cabello was different from all the others, so, from the first day she met her, she was spellbound with her smile, her words and her gaze. And although many were going to stand in the way to conquer his heart, he knew that love would make his songs immortal, so he had no doubt that she would be forever at his side on his way to success.

But on the night of June 11, 1992, her romantic voice was silenced forever. Nine bullets were needed to end the life of that man who thrilled the world through his unforgettable songs. Why did they kill him? Who killed him? This is the question that everyone is asked.



  • Alejandro Palacio as Rafael Orozco Maestre
  • Taliana Vargas as Clara Cabello de Orozco
  • Maritza Rodríguez as Martha Mónica Camargo
  • Mario Espitia as Ernesto "Teto" Tello
  • Ángela Vergara as Mariela de Cabello
  • Alberto Pujol as Jacinto Cabello
  • Myriam de Lourdes as Cristina Maestre de Orozco
  • Rafael Camerano as Rafael Orozco Fernández
  • Gabriela Ávila as Betty Cabello
  • Martín Armenta as Jeremías Orozco
  • Camila Zárate as Luisa
  • Peter Cárdenas as Misael Orozco
  • María Teresa Carrasco as Myriam Cabello
  • Freddy Flórez as Hernán Murgas
  • Rafael Santos as Dionisio Maestre
  • Víctor Navarro as Luciano Poveda
  • Aco Pérez as Virgilio Barrera
  • Gabriel Andrés Villa as Israel Romero


  • Eibar Gutiérrez as Egidio Oviedo
  • Luis Fernando Bohórquez as Álvaro Arango
  • Laura Londoño as Silvia Duque
  • Jairo Camargo as Dr. Duque
  • Juan Pablo Posada as Alberto Santamaría
  • José Sedek as Roberto Mancini


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