Rafah Camp

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Rafah Camp
Other transcription(s)
 • Arabic مخيم رفح or معسكر رفح
Rafah Camp is located in the Palestinian territories
Rafah Camp
Rafah Camp
Location of Rafah Camp within the Palestinian Territories
Coordinates: 31°16′58.87″N 34°15′11.52″E / 31.2830194°N 34.2532000°E / 31.2830194; 34.2532000Coordinates: 31°16′58.87″N 34°15′11.52″E / 31.2830194°N 34.2532000°E / 31.2830194; 34.2532000
Governorate Rafah
 • Type Refugee Camp (from 1949)
Population (2005)
 • Jurisdiction 95,187

Rafah Camp (Arabic: مخيم رفح or معسكر رفح‎) is one of eight Palestinian refugee camps in the Gaza Strip. It is located in the Rafah Governorate along the Egyptian-Palestinian Authority border.[1] It was established in 1949 and currently forms part of the city of Rafah. During the period of its establishment, it was the largest refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, however its population has decreased due to migration to the Tall as-Sultan camp, an extension of Rafah camp, which was set up to absorb refugees repatriated from Canada Camp.

According to the UNRWA, the camp has a population of 99,000 inhabitants,[2] This figure includes (in contrast PCBS census data) Tall as-Sultan. The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics 2006 mid-year estimate for Rafah Camp alone is 59,983, for Tall as-Sultan 24,418.[3] The camp is the second largest refugee camp in Palestine. There are 31 schools (20 primary, 11 secondary) run by the UNRWA.[2]


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