Rama Khan

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Rama Khan
Rama Khan as seen on JLA #62 (March 2002)
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance JLA #62 (March 2002)
Created by Grant Morrison
Howard Porter
In-story information
Team affiliations The Ancients
Abilities Magic Manipulation, can turn Jarhanpur soil into Fire, Earth, or Wine,

Rama Khan is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe.


Rama Khan appeared as earlier than 1,004 BC, with no information of his exact birth date. In the land of Atlantis, he became the joint ruler of Atlantis, sharing the post with Gamemnae. Khan had earlier journeyed to Atlantis from the faraway land of Jarhanpur to assemble a group of heroes to protect the realm.

Later on, in the 21st century, Rama Khan reappeared in Jarhanpur as its elemental defender. When he kidnapped a boy and separated him from his mother because the child was his spiritual successor, Khan found himself in conflict with the Justice League.[1] He broke Wonder Woman's lasso of truth,[1] resulting in reality unravelling as the nature of existence began to be defined by belief rather than truth; the Earth was the centre of the universe for two weeks before anybody noticed, it became flat for a few hours,[2] and the Moon was even made of cheese at one point. Although Jarhanpur's nature as living land protected it from this chaos,[3] the League, resolved to stop this before the world became defined by the beliefs of every individual person on the planet, confronted Rama Khan once again, during which Wonder Woman accepted why the Lasso had broken; when she'd confirmed that Rama Khan was telling the truth about the need for a successor to his position, her denial of this truth had caused the lasso to break and cause a subsequent breakdown of the rules of truth. With this self-discovery, Jarhanpur helped Diana to repair the Lasso, restoring reality and undoing the initial damage, the land rejecting Rama Khan as he was now focused more on preserving his position than the wishes of the land to help Diana and her teammates rescue its people.[3]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Rama Khan's abilities are largely based on his birthplace, Jarhanpur. With the aid of magic, Rama Khan can turn a handful of its soil into fire, granite, or wine. Khan is also super strong, immortal, and is a great magician.

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