Ranabima Royal College

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Ranabima Royal College
රණබිම රාජකීය විද්‍යාලය
Rrc logo.jpg
Peradeniya, Kandy District, Central Province 20400
Sri Lanka
Coordinates 7°16′45.20″N 80°35′38.20″E / 7.2792222°N 80.5939444°E / 7.2792222; 80.5939444Coordinates: 7°16′45.20″N 80°35′38.20″E / 7.2792222°N 80.5939444°E / 7.2792222; 80.5939444
School type Public provincial 1AB
Religious affiliation(s) Buddhism / Hindu / Islam / Christianity
Established March 2, 1996 (21 years ago) (1996-03-02)
Founder W. P. B. Dissanayake / Palitha Alkaduwa
School district Kandy Education Zone
Authority Central Provincial Council
School number 0401063
Principal Upali Chandrakumara[1]
Grades 6-13
Gender Boys
Age range 10-19
Number of students 1200
Language Sinhala / Tamil / English
Hours in school day 6
Colour(s)              Royal blue, Golden yellow and Bottle green
School roll 1,280
Rrc front.gif
The College Anthem
The College Anthem

Ranabima Royal College (Sinhalese: රණබිම රාජකීය විද්‍යාලය; also known as Royal College, Ranabima is a provincial school in Gannoruwa near Kandy, Sri Lanka.[2] The school is surrounded by Gannoruwa and Hanthana Mountains, and is situated on the bank of the Mahaweli river. Dividos sanctuary is located just beside the school, as are the Royal Botanical Gardens and University of Peradeniya. The agricultural research facilities of the Department of Agriculture are also located beside the school. The school is approximately 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) from the town of Peradeniya via the New Colombo–Kandy highway and approximately 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) away from city of Kandy.


First academic staff of the college

Ranabima Royal College was founded by W. M. P. B. Dissanayake, former Chief Minister of Central Province, and Palitha Elkaduwa, former Secretary of the Department of Education, Central Province.[3][4] The school was officially opened by Central Provincial Governor Stanley Thilakarathne on 2 March 1996.[3] The school's first principal was S. M. Keerthirathne and it had 16 academic staff. Their school initially had 320 students - 240 on Sinhala medium students and 80 on Tamil medium.[3] The school's students first sat for the ordinary level and advanced level examinations in 2000 and 2003 respectively.[3][4]

Despite Ranabima Royal College has a short history of nearly two decades, the root cause behind the establishment of such a great educational institution flashes back our memory to a legend of 17th century. The school was founded by W. M. P. B. Dissanayake, former Chief Minister of Central Province, and Palitha Elkaduwa, former Secretary of the Department of Education, Central Province. It was officially opened in 1996 by Central Provincial Governor Stanley Thilakarathne on 2 March, the day of commemoration of the signing of the Kandyan Convention by King Rajasinghe II.The land which is being selected to build the school has its own historical value. Sri Lankans have many victorious memories over many invading enemies on this land hence taken the name "Jaya Bima" (land of victories).In 1638, the historic Gannoruwa battle was fought between the Portuguese and the Sinhala forces under Rajasimha II and Prince Vijayapala in this land. Portuguese did not make any other attempts to take Kandy after this.The Battle of Gannoruwa, which ended in victory for the Sinhalese army,was the last battle fought by the Kingdom of Kandy.It was also the last battle fought between the Portuguese and the Sinhalese.

The idea behind establishing such a school was originated by Palitha Elkaduwa. He had devoted his time and skills in making his dream a success. The main idea behind establishing this school, according to Elkaduwa was to provide students from rural parts of central province with a high quality education and to increase the understanding among different ethnic groups.This is the only school in Sri Lanka where all the students are selected from an admission test which all the students from central province can participate.First principal of Ranabima Royal College was S. M. Keerthirathne. The first academic staff for the college had 16 members, were selected through a qualification test.There were 320 students at the start of the college. 240 Sinhala medium students and 80 Tamil medium students. Student of Ranabima Royal College sat for ordinary level exam for the first time in history in year 2000 and showed the success of this special project gaining 100% results.

Entrance examination[edit]

The entrance examination for Ranabima Royal College is a highly competitive examination which is conducted by the Central province education department where only the students from central province can participate. This is the only way in which students can get the admission for Ranabima Royal College.

Examination consists of three subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Sinhala/Tamil
  • General Knowledge


Sustainable development through Quality Education.


To ensure quality education of This institution by improving Internal and external evaluation of Learning teaching process to Produce well balanced skilled Individuals from school by Upgrading attitudes of the school Community.

==Societies and clubs==

Western Band

Wildlife Foundation[edit]

Wildlife Foundation (WLF) of Ranabima Royal College was started in 1999 with the guidance of C.G. Alagalla. The main purpose of the society was to improve the students' knowledge about Nature while exploring the richest biodiversity of Sri Lanka. The members of the first committee converted the society into one of the leading school nature clubs of the island. In the year 2002 WLF had organized their inaugural inter school exploration contest Esprite de Nature at the Dividos mountain range.[6] In 2007, they held their inaugural Exploration Camp at Ranabima Royal College. Haritha Dharmathilake is holding the Presidency at this time.

Esprit de Nature Trophy winners[edit]

  • 2002 – K/ Kathirsan central college (Hillwood College-Kandy)
  • 2003 – St.Thomas College-Mathale (Hillwood College-Kandy)
  • 2005 – St.Thomas College-Mathale (St.Joseph Balika Vidyalaya-Kegalle)
  • 2006 – Kingswood College-Kandy (Girls'High School-Kandy)
  • 2007 – Nalanda College-Colombo (Girls'High School-Kandy)
  • 2011 – Thurstan College-Colombo (Girls'High School-Kandy)
  • 2012 – Vidyartha College-Kandy (St.Joseph Convent -Gampola)
  • 2013 – Ananda College-Colombo (Girls'High School-Kandy)
  • 2014 – Nalanda College- Colombo (Girls'High School-Kandy)

Astronomical and Space Science Society[edit]

A3S of RRC is one of the leading societies in the college as well as in its field. It dominates from other schools[citation needed] considerably because of its wide knowledge in the field of astronomy and its widely known activities. With this society the main target is to develop astronomical knowledge among students, regardless of what society or what school they are in. The club tries to promote astronomy in innovative ways and provide students a more practical approach to the subject of astronomy.

The Senior Brass Band[edit]

The Senior Brass Band of Ranabima Royal College, commonly abbreviated as "RRCSBB" was formed during the period of Mr. S.M. Keerthirathne. Within a short time-span the band was able to gain much prestige and prominence.In the year 2005 the band able to host the band show "Rhythm Scope " for the first time. "Rhythm Scope'05" remains the band show with the highest number of participants till date in Kandy with a total of over 25 School Bands island wide participating in the show. Since the first Band show in 2005 "Rhythm Scope " continues as one of the most anticipated biennial band shows.

The band participates in many Band Events throughout the country annually. These events include many band shows organized by schools island-wide. "Prashasthi" organized by Ananda College Colombo, "Vivace Brass" organized by Devi Balika Vidyalaya Colombo, "Neth Ima" organized by Pushpadana Girls' College Kandy & "Maestoso" organized by Kandy Girls' High School are a mere fraction of them. A significant participation in outdoor events such as the Annual Independence day Parade, Zonal & Provincial Sports Meets, Various Welcoming Plays etc. is also done by the band.

Throughout the years the band has been able to achieve many victories. In the year 2001 the band placed 1st in the Central Province band competition. The Title of "Best Band Leader" was awarded to K.L.D. Sujeewa in the Band Competition organized by Kandy Girls' High School. The band was also able to place first in the competition "Drums & The Steps" organized by Dharmaraja College Kandy in 2003. Some of our more recent achievements include Placing 2nd at "Prashasthi" , which is one of the most recognized band events of the country, and achieving the Championship trophy in the Band Competition "Vivace Brass" in the year 2015.

The band plays a crucial role in almost all of the special occasions hosted within the School. These include many welcoming inaugural ceremonies, Band displays(tattoos), Indoor performances etc. These have led to the band becoming an essential element & and one of the most active associations in the school.

The first Band Sergeant i.e. Leader was U.P.C.P Udagedara and since then there had been 17 leaders including the current Sergeant J.A.S.M. Wimalasena. The present masters-in-charge of the band are Mrs. S.C.S Herath & Mr.Lahiru Hettiarachchi while Mr. Eranda Godage is the Band Coach.


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