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Jack & Jill School
Jack & Jill School-Main Branch Logo.png
Homesite, City Heights and Victorias

Coordinates10°40′17″N 122°57′58″E / 10.67139°N 122.96611°E / 10.67139; 122.96611Coordinates: 10°40′17″N 122°57′58″E / 10.67139°N 122.96611°E / 10.67139; 122.96611
Former namesJack & Jill Kindergarten
MottoDeveloping Thinkers and Leaders of Tomorrow
Number of studentsover 600 (Preschool and Elementary)
CampusUrban, 1.5 hectares
Color(s)Green and White          
AffiliationNOPSSCEA, Department of Education (Philippines)

Jack & Jill School is composed of preschool and elementary institutions located in Homesite and City Heights in Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental province of the Philippines. Informally referred to by its acronym "JJS", it is a private, non-sectarian, educational institution with an enrollment of more than 600 pupils. Out of town branch is located in Magsaysay St. in Victorias City.

It is one of the few institutions in the country where Karate is part of the school curriculum; Karate is included in physical education class all year round.


Jack & Jill School-Homesite

Jack & Jill School was founded by Cecilia del Castillo-Lopez as a preschool in 1963. She converted her living room into a classroom and started teaching to 23 boys and girls from the small neighborhood of Homesite. In 1979, Jack & Jill Kinder School in Homesite expanded to include an elementary school. A few years later, another elementary branch in Victorias was opened in 1981. The year 1995 resulted in the simultaneous establishment of Castleson High in Homesite, Castleson High in City Heights, and Sidera Special Child Center in City Heights. In the next year, Castleson High Schools in Homesite and City Heights were merged to become one school located in City Heights Subdivision. Throughout Jack & Jill School's history, other branches in Airport, La Granja, Paglaum, and La Carlota were also opened and later closed. School year 2013 will celebrates Golden Jubillee Year in Jack and Jill School-Homesite in Bacolod City.[1]


Cecilia del Castillo-Lopez continues to oversee the schools' financial affairs. Her daughter serves as President while her grandson serves as Vice-President of Finance and Administration. The Director of Academic Affairs oversees all schools and provides support in terms of curriculum and resources. School year 2010-11 marks the transitional year when Mrs. Lopez relinquished the decision-making tasks to the president and the current director.[1]

Up the Hill[edit]

Up The Hill
"Writers are not really born; they are made."
FormatMagazine and Newsletter
Owner(s)Up The Hill Editorial Staff
Outstanding campus journalists & adviser

Up the Hill is a student run newspaper that provides opportunities for student writers and was a creative medium for students to showcase their poems, essays, writings, and drawings in English and Tagalog languages. Today, the school publication continues to flourish and has won many journalism awards around the country.

Department of Education (Philippines) DepED achievers in Division, Regional, National Schools Press Conferences and Golden Pen Awards.

Victory at NSPC by Sofia Isabelle Ortiz Grade 6-Batch 2008 The Up The Hill Staff has produced number of winners and outstanding writers from division, regional[2] up to national level competitions under Rhazel E. Mengullo as school paper adviser.[3] Captured two national awards in Sports writing by Aljenica Marie Apostol and Photojournalism by Sofia Isabelle Ortiz during the 2000 and 2008 National Schools Press Conference (NSPC),[4][5] the highest competition of writing in the country recognized by the Department of Education (Philippines). Six first placers during Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) in different events likewise recipients of 5 Golden Pen Awards, 4 outstanding writers and outstanding journalism mentor awards in Western Visayas.[6] It has been awarded 3-time as DSPC Overall Champion and 2-time overall champion in Regional Cluster writeshop and Golden Pen Awards.[7] Grand price winner of 2nd Regional writing and public speaking tilt.[8]


JJS Karate Team KFS
873 JJS Karatekas highlighted the Ruby Jubilee Celebration at Pana-ad Sports Stadium in Bacolod City, Philippines
873 JJS Karatekas highlighted the Ruby Jubilee Celebration at Pana-ad Sports Stadium in Bacolod City, Philippines
Also known asSuper Karate Kids (空手道)
Country of originfrom Japan Japan to Philippines Philippines
FounderRandy Mengullo, sensei
Arts taughtWKF Karatedo
Ancestor schoolsKarate Fighting System (KFS) and Red Bulls Karate Club 43
Official websitehttp://jjskarate.8k.com

Karate-do is part of its curriculum[9] wherein pupils from Grades 1-6 are required to join the training as part of their Physical Education (P.E.) activity for the whole year round at JJS Campuses.[10]

Team JJS Karatedo[11] is the home of Super Karate Kids in the Negros Province was initiated by sensei Randy Mengullo,[12] a Sandan Blackbelt in karate-do attended the 13th KOI Karate World Cup and Training Camp participated by 25 nations. JJS Karate Team KFS garnered medals in many karatedo championships and athletic meet of different schools and karate organizations in the Philippines.[13][14] JJSKarate adapt Shotokan style, affiliated to national association of Philippine Karatedo Traditional & Sports (PKTS) and member of Philippine Karatedo Federation the governing body of sport karate in the country. Official training center of Milo Sports Clinic.[15][16][17][18][13][19]

JJS Homesite and City Heights[20] are members of Negros Occidental Private Schools Sports Cultural Educational Association (NOPSSCEA) and one of the founding schools that organized the Karatedo event since school year 2005 as part of the NOPSSCEA regular sports annually.[13] It was also a founding member of Negros Occidental Karatedo Federation (NOKAF) in the 2000s (decade). Aside from NOPSSCEA, the Karatedo Team participates in the PKF Regional and National Championships,[21] Mayor's Cup of Hon. Evelio Leonardia and Monico Cup Regional Championship,[22] the PSC grass roots program Ang Batang Pinoy, Philippine National Youth Games, Philippine Olympic Festival,[23] UMA-ONEBA Presidential Cup, Philippine Sports Commission-Philippine Olympic Committee Tournaments and athletic meet of different schools in the Philippines.[24]



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