Raymond Caine

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Raymond Caine, Sr.
CSI: Miami character
First appearance "10-7"
Last appearance "Rio"
Portrayed by Dean Winters,
Christopher Stapleton
Occupation Undercover Narcotics Investigator
City Miami
Rank Detective
Seasons 3, 5

Raymond Caine is a fictional character on the TV series CSI: Miami. He is portrayed by Dean Winters in season 3 episode 24 ("10-7") and Christopher Stapleton in Season 5 episode 1 ("Rio").


Raymond Caine, Sr. is the younger brother of series lead character Lt. Horatio Caine, head of the Miami-Dade Crime Lab. Raymond is also the husband of the former regular character Yelina Salas, the woman Horatio was in love with. Both brothers loved the same woman. Ray was an undercover detective with the narcotics division of the same department. During this time, he was partnered with John Hagen. Ray first used drugs as part of the job, to gain the trust of the dealers. Unfortunately, he quickly became hooked, and Hagen (knowing that Ray was on a downward spiral) put in for a transfer out of narcotics. Barely a week later, Ray was reported murdered. Despite a tumultuous investigation, no arrests were made, and the case went cold (episode 208, "Big Brother") In fact, Ray was not dead. When the federal government discovered that he was dirty, they forced him to fake his death and work for them even deeper undercover (episode 324, "10-7"). Horatio always keeps an open ear for information regarding his brother's death. He encounters Ray's former contacts in the drug world after the CSI team is nearly blown up in a barn. Horatio finds a woman, Susie Barnham, who calls Ray "Tin Man", a double entendre referring both to his methamphetamine addiction and to his status as a police officer (episode 123, "Freaks and Tweaks").

Some time later, he also discovers that Susie and Ray had a daughter, Madison, together, and that Ray stood up to Susie's on-again, off-again, abusive husband Bob Keaton for his brutal behavior, giving Keaton a motive for murder. Keaton is eventually convicted of Ray's murder and sent to prison for life. Ray never knew he had a daughter (episode 208, "Big Brother"). When Ray's supposed widow, Detective Yelina Salas, discovers the existence of Madison, she initially believes that the girl is the offspring of Horatio, rather than Ray. Horatio is forced to reveal the truth when Madison requires a life-saving bone marrow transplant from Ray Jr. (episode 316, "Nothing to Lose").

Horatio spots Keaton near a crime scene and later confronts him. Keaton reveals that he is in fact DEA, and, more importantly, that Ray is still alive (episode 320, "Killer Date"). Unfortunately, Ray's cover is blown and his son, Ray Jr., is kidnapped. He approaches his older brother for help, and together they rescue the boy. At the end of the episode, Ray, his wife Yelina, and Ray Jr are all packed off to Brazil for safety. Horatio's distress was very visible when he daid good bye to his beloved Yelina. (episode 324, "10-7").

Unfortunately, Raymond cannot manage to keep himself clean even after his brother's desperate efforts to help him. He becomes involved with the Mala Noche gang in Rio de Janeiro, and he is eventually fatally beaten by their leader, Antonio Riaz, and dies in Horatio's arms. His body is taken back to Miami for burial (episode 501, "Rio").

Ray's lasting legacy is a trail of messes and problems for his older brother to clean up. Several characters remark on this, and Horatio is occasionally abused as the brother of a dirty cop (episode 208, "Big Brother"). Detective Hagen, who feels responsible for Ray's first supposed death, begins a downward spiral into intense depression, which ultimately leads to his suicide in the same episode in which Ray reappears to Horatio (episode 324, "10-7").


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