Red Line (Dallas Area Rapid Transit)

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  Red Line
Mockingbird Station 3.jpg
Northbound Red Line train at Mockingbird Center
Type Light rail
System Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Status operational
Locale Dallas, Texas
Termini Parker Road (north)
Westmoreland (south)
Stations 25
Opened June 1996
Owner DART
Operator(s) DART
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Electrification overhead catenary
Highest elevation at grade, elevated, underground

DART Red Line

Handicapped/disabled access All stations have step-free access

Parker RoadParking
Downtown Plano
President George Bush Turnpike
Bush TurnpikeParking
Galatyn Park
Arapaho CenterParking
Spring ValleyParking
Forest LaneParking
White Rock Creek
Walnut HillParking
Park LaneParking
Lovers Lane
Blue Line
to Downtown Rowlett
McKinney Avenue
Transit Authority
Deep Ellum(special event only)
Baylor University Medical Center
(special event only)
Fair Park(special event only)
Green Line to Buckner
Orange Line to Lawnview
St. Paul
McKinney Avenue
Transit Authority
West End
Victory(special event only)
Green Line to North Carrollton/Frankford
Orange Line to DFW Airport
TRE to T&P Station
Union Station
Dallas Streetcar
to Beckley
Convention Center
DART South Maintenance Facility
Trinity River
8th & CorinthParking
Blue Line
to Ledbetter
Dallas Zoo

The Red Line is a light rail line in Dallas, Texas operated by the Dallas Area Rapid Transit system. Along with the Blue Line, it is one of the two original Dallas light rail lines.


Westmoreland to Downtown[edit]

The southwestern terminus of the Red Line is at Westmoreland Station in southwest Dallas at the intersection of Illinois Avenue and Westmoreland Road. The southwestern part of the Red Line runs on a private right-of-way with grade crossings. Just before 8th & Corinth, the line merges with the Blue Line. The joint Red and Blue Line tracks then rise on to a viaduct that crosses Cedar Creek and a freight railroad line. At Lamar Street, the line turns north at a wye where a pair of tracks leading to one of two train yards on the system diverges. The Red and Blue Lines continue north, crossing the Landry Freeway, travelling under the Dallas Convention Center and stop at Dallas Union Station. After crossing over Main Street, the lines turn east as they merge with the Green Line and Orange Line and enter downtown Dallas. At this point, the lines leave their right of ways and operate on a dedicated street-running right of way.

Downtown to Parker Road[edit]

The four DART lines share a common section of track through downtown, with four stops: West End, Akard Street, St. Paul Street and Pearl Street.

After Pearl Street, street running ends and the lines return to private right-of-ways. The four lines diverge at a wye, with the Green Line diverging to the southeast while the Red, Blue and Orange Lines turn north, cross the Good-Latimer Expressway at grade, and descend into a long tunnel under the Central Expressway (US 75), with a stop at Cityplace. The lines exit the tunnel at Mockingbird. The Blue Line diverges from the Red Line and heads east, while the Red and Orange Lines turn north.

The Red Line then travels through north Dallas, Richardson and Plano. Most of the line runs at grade level with grade crossings, although portions of the route run on elevated viaducts. The line terminates at the Parker Road Station at Park Boulevard near Central Expressway in Collin County.


The Red Line was part of the initial launch of DART's light rail service in 1996. At the time, the line only ran from Westmoreland Station to Pearl Station in the northeast corner of downtown. In 1997, the Red Line was extended to Park Lane Station. On December 18, 2000, Cityplace Station, the southwest's first commercial subway station was opened along the Red Line underneath Cityplace Tower in the tunnel under the Central Expressway.

In 2002, the Red Line extended into Richardson, ending at Galatyn Park Station, extending the light rail service 9 miles (14.5 km) over its original length. Later that year, the line was opened to the Parker Road Station, an additional 3 miles (4.8 km) of track, its current terminus.


Daily Service[edit]

Listed from north to south
Station Other lines Opened Notes
Parker Road      2002 Terminus for Red and Orange Lines
Downtown Plano      2002
Bush Turnpike      2002
Galatyn Park      2002
Arapaho Center      2002
Spring Valley      2002
LBJ/Central      2002
Forest Lane      2002
Walnut Hill      2002
Park Lane      1997 (rebuilt 2002)
Lovers Lane      1997
Mockingbird           1997 Northernmost transfer for the Blue Line
Cityplace           2000 Transfer available for the M-Line, northern terminus (just outside west exit.)
Pearl/Arts District                1996 Easternmost transfer for Green Line
St. Paul                1996 Transfers made to the M-Line (southern terminus two blocks north)
Akard                1996
West End                1996 Westernmost transfer station for the Orange Line and Green Line
Union Station      1996 Transfer to      Trinity Railway Express, Dallas Streetcar, and Amtrak
Convention Center      1996
Cedars      1996
8th & Corinth      1996 Southernmost transfer for the Blue Line
Dallas Zoo 1996
Tyler/Vernon 1996
Hampton 1996
Westmoreland 1996

Special Event Service[edit]

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