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Rengarajan Jaiprakash
Rengarajan Jaiprakash in 2010.jpg
Rengarajan Jaiprakash in 2010
ResidenceMumbai, India
Other namesJP
OccupationFilm Producer
Years active2004-present
Spouse(s)Anuradha Jaiprakash (2004 - present)
Children1 (Abhijay Jaiprakash)

Rengarajan Jaiprakash (born 30 October 1974) is an Indian Film Producer who has worked in the Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali and Punjabi movies.[1][2] He is also known as JP.[3] He is the CEO of All Around Globe Services Pvt Ltd.[4]


JP with superstar Rajinikath during the shooting of Lingaa

Rengarajan Jaiprakash was born in Bangalore, India. His parents, Venguduswamy Rengarajan and Rajam Rengarajan brought him up in a traditional Tamil household.[5] As a boy he loved movies and always wanted to be an integral part of the movie making process.[6] He holds a Diploma in Electronics and Communication and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from VPM Institute of Management.[7] He has a good eye for locations across the globe where ad, movie scenes, sequences and songs are shot.[8]


All Around Globe Services Pvt Ltd, under the leadership of JP has been the official logistics partner for the Hockey India League in 2013, 2014 and 2015.[9]


Year Film Language Notes & Location
2011 Kool[3] Kannada Jordan
2011 Rowthiram[3] Tamil Switzerland
2011 Vanthaan Vendraan[3] Tamil Switzerland
2012 Nanban[3] Tamil Amsterdam & Spain
2012 Rachcha[3] Telugu China
2012 Srimannarayana[3] Telugu Switzerland
2012 Podaa Podi[3] Tamil Hong Kong & Macau
2013 Greeku Veerudu[3][10] Telugu Switzerland
2013 Balupu[3][11] Telugu Portugal
2013 Krrish 3[3][12] Hindi Switzerland
2013 Paisa[3] Telugu Malaysia
2013 Dhoom 3[3][13] Hindi Switzerland
2013 Shravani Subramanya[3] Kannada Thailand
2014 Bramman[3] Tamil Italy & Switzerland
2014 Race Gurram[3] Telugu Italy & Switzerland
2014 Loukyam[3][14] Telugu Switzerland
2014 Bachchan[3] Bengali Portugal
2014 Lingaa[3] Tamil Macau
2014 Mukunda[3] Telugu Switzerland
2015 Baby[3] Hindi Nepal & Turkey
2015 Uttama Villain[3] Tamil Turkey
2015 Pandaga Chesko[3] Telugu Portugal
2015 Kick 2[3] Telugu Switzerland
2015 Kumari 21F[3] Telugu Thailand
2015 Bengal Tiger[3] Telugu Switzerland
2015 Soukhyam[3] Telugu Switzerland
2016 Speedunnodu[3] Telugu Switzerland
2016 Chakravyuha[3] Kannada Portugal
2016 Vishwaroopam 2[3] Tamil UK
2016 Lakeeran[3] Punjabi Portugal
2016 Rekka (film)[3] Tamil Thailand
2016 Jaguar (2016 film)[3] Kannada Switzerland
2017 Hebbuli[3] Kannada Switzerland
2017 Vanamagan[3] Tamil Thailand, Vietnam
2017 Paisa Vasool (2017 film)[3][15][16] Telugu Portugal
2017 Anjani_Putra[3] Kannada UK
2018 Prema_Baraha[3] Tamil Switzerland
2018 Vishwaroopam_II[3] Tamil and Hindi UK
2018 Nartanasala[3] Telugu Italy
2018 The Villain[3] Kannada Thailand, UK
2019 Gorilla[3] Tamil Thailand
2019 Dhruva Natchathiram (post-production)[3] Tamil UAE
2019 Manmadhudu 2 (filming)[3] Telugu Portugal
2019 Adithya Varma (filming)[3] Tamil Portugal
2019 War (pre-production)[3] Hindi Italy, Portugal, Switzerland


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