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People and Territory (Popolo e Territorio, PT), originally Responsible Initiative, was a centre-right parliamentary party active in the Chamber of Deputies of Italy in 2011–2013. Launched on 20 January 2011, the group was supportive of Berlusconi IV Cabinet. A large majority of its members were elected in Southern Italy.[1][2] Its counterpart in the Senate was National Cohesion, which was composed mainly of splinters from Future and Freedom.

On 23 March 2011 Francesco Saverio Romano, a group member, was appointed minister of Agriculture.[3] On 5 May 2011 Silvio Berlusconi appointed three under-secretaries from PT/IR: Giampiero Catone (Environment), Bruno Cesario (Economy and Finances) and Catia Polidori (Economy and Finances).[4]


Latest members[edit]

The group included:[5]

Former members[edit]

The group originally included also 4 others deputies of We the South (NS): Elio Belcastro (who was appointed under-secretary of Environment by Berlusconi on 28 July 2007 in representation of IR/PT, see article), Arturo Iannaccone, Americo Porfidia and Lucio Sardelli (who left the party in the summer of 2011).

Three more deputies from the PdL (Mario Pepe,[8] Gerardo Soglia and Carlo Nola) were members of the group for some time.[5]

Other former members of the group include Paolo Guzzanti (ex-PSI/FI/PdL/PLI) and Maurizio Grassano (ex-LN/LD/AdC).[5]