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Terminator character
Rev-9 TDF.jpg
Rev-9 in its endoskeleton form
First appearanceTerminator: Dark Fate (2019)
Last appearanceTerminator: Dark Fate (2019)
Created byJames Cameron, Tim Miller, Charles H. Eglee, Josh Friedman, David Goyer, Justin Rhodes, Legacy Effects
Portrayed byGabriel Luna

The Rev-9 is a fictional android assassin, serving as the primary antagonist in Terminator: Dark Fate, the sixth installment in the Terminator series.[1] In its human form, the Rev-9 is portrayed by Gabriel Luna.[2][3][4]


The Rev-9 is a Terminator model developed by Legion, an artificial intelligence designed for cyberwarfare in a future timeline where Skynet's rise was prevented. Legion dispatched a Rev-9 back in time to 2020 from 2042 with the mission of terminating Dani Ramos, a teenager who will go on to lead humanity against Legion's forces in the future. Upon its arrival in Mexico City, the Rev-9 goes to Dani's home, only to find that she and her brother Diego have already left for their job at a factory. It kills their father and assumes his appearance as a disguise to infiltrate the factory. There, it nearly shoots Dani, but is ambushed by Grace, a cybernetically-enhanced human soldier sent from 2042 to protect her. The Rev-9 pursues them in a truck as they escape, and during the chase reveals its capability to split into two individual units. It manages to kill Diego and corner Dani and Grace, only to be temporarily disabled by the sudden arrival of Sarah Connor, who attacks it using high-grade ammunition. Dani and Grace flee, and later meet up with Sarah.[5]

Having lost its targets, the Rev-9 hacks into local surveillance cameras to reacquire them. It discovers the trio is heading to Laredo, Texas, which inevitably they would need to cross the Mexico–United States border. Disguises itself as a United States Border Patrol officer who arranges their arrest, so that he can ambush them. Arriving at the Laredo Detection Center, the Rev-9 slaughters numerous Border Patrol agents but the trio escapes in a helicopter. By the time it is able to locate them again, they have allied with Carl, a T-800 Terminator left behind after Skynet's demise.

The Rev-9 catches up with its targets at a military base where they seek to acquire electromagnetic pulse grenades to use against it. When encountering Carl, the Rev-9 is baffled by the older machine's existence, owing to having no knowledge about Skynet, and learns that the T-800 was from an erased timeline. In the ensuing battle, the EMP grenades are destroyed, while Dani and her allies escape in a military aircraft. The Rev-9 gives chase in an aircraft of its own, and manages to board theirs, leading to both Carl and the Rev-9 crashing into a river near a hydroelectric power plant while Dani, Sarah and Grace parachute to safety. Although temporarily slowed down in the river's current, it quickly catches up with them inside the plant, where they decide to take a stand against it. As they fight the Rev-9, Carl and Grace managed to restrain it and force it into a turbine, causing an explosion that mortally wounds Grace and temporarily disables Carl and Sarah. The explosion also destroys the Rev-9's liquid metal exterior, but its endoskeleton continues pursuing Dani, who tries to use Grace's power source as an EMP against it, only to be held down and nearly killed until Carl reactivates and holds it back. Once Dani stabs the power source into the Rev-9's endoskeleton, Carl drags it into a nearby pit, where the device's discharge melts both Terminators, destroying them.


Rev-9 is an advanced machine sent from the future by Legion (an AI that succeeded Skynet after the timeline alteration following the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day) from the year 2042 to terminate a woman named Dani Ramos, among others.[6] Rev-9 has a traditional solid endoskeleton covered with a liquid-metal exoskeleton, somewhat similarly to the T-X from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.[7] Unlike the T-X, the Rev-9 possesses the ability to fully split these two components into two separate, fully autonomous units but doesn't have built-in weapons and tools.[8][9] The separation does not significantly weaken either unit, making the Rev-9 one of the most formidable Terminator models yet seen[10] (Its ability to take punishment is slightly lessened when the two are separate, but this only means that it is easier to throw the Rev-9 back or slow it down rather than actually destroying it). Its poly-alloy and endoskeleton can separate and fuse back together at a rapid pace, enabling it to split or merge during combat without ceasing its movements. Director Tim Miller commented on this upgrade, telling CinemaCon attendees, "Our cool new feature... is he can split. So he’s twice as deadly."[11]

Dave Trumbore of Collider speculated that the Rev-9's name may have been inspired by the Biblical verse of Revelation 9, which mentions "the Destroyer."[12]


The Rev-9's primary feature is the ability to split its mimetic polyalloy exterior and endoskeleton into two separate units. In addition to this, it possesses similar basic capabilities to the Terminators created by Skynet before its destruction. Like the T-1000 it is capable of shapeshifting to assume the appearance of its victims and morph its arms to form stabbing weapons and other shapes, such as hooks for scaling vertical surfaces, while also regenerating from virtually any damage inflicted upon it. It does, however, still require physical contact with a subject before being able to take on the subject's form. The Rev-9 exhibits more control over its composition than the T-1000, allowing it to use its polyalloy in more inventive and adaptive fashions. Its endoskeleton, meanwhile, shows far more durability than that of the T-800, surviving explosions and other damage that would have badly damaged if not outright destroyed a T-800 endoskeleton. The endoskeleton is also shown to adjust its physical form to bend in an inhuman manner. The Rev-9 is also a skilled acrobat, able to make great leaps and climb treacherous surfaces with ease.[13][14]

The body of the Rev-9 is divided into a liquid metal and a rigid frame, and the liquid metal side commands the body. Unlike the T-1000, the Rev-9 liquid metal is black in color. While the Rev-9 is still dangerous whether its two halves are integrated or not, it is slightly more vulnerable when separate; when integrated it can take machine gun fire to the face without significant impairment, but when separate, its endoskeleton can be thrown long distances by a T-800 while the cybernetically-enhanced soldier Grace can cut its polyalloy body apart with a chain, disabling it until it regenerates. Like all machines, the Rev-9 is vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse.

As an infiltrator, the Rev-9 outclasses Skynet's Terminators (except the T-3000 series and above from Terminator Genisys) due to its unassuming default appearance and ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to a human being, including displaying emotions (See Turing test), essentially a machine that thinks like them. For example, it sarcastically brags to Border Patrol officers that its entire body is a weapon when asked to step through a metal detector, hinting at its true nature in a way that avoids raising suspicion among the officers. When disguising as a female Border Patrol officer, it speaks in profane language when irritated before killing other agents. The ability to blend into human society is also seen in its changing accents depending on whoever it is speaking to. During an encounter with cops in Texas, it assumes a southern accent. It frequently smiles while chasing Dani Ramos and warns her that she "should run" when she decides to take a stand against it, before trying to make Dani and her allies surrender by taunting them that "Legion is the only future" after the T-800 implies of another AI (Skynet) of an erased timeline. These characteristics suggest that Legion's machines that, unlike Skynet's (which function basically as a group mind), are self-aware and on some levels, each has a will of their own. The Rev-9 itself, though loyaled to Legion, has an arrogant, sadistic personality that takes pleasure in driving its targets into despair before killing them, and that it even enjoys hunting its targets so much that it would deliberately prolong its mission so it could continue to terrorize them until it grows bored.

Grace describes the Rev-9 as the "most lethal Terminator ever created" in her timeline and states "you don't fight it, you run from it."

Gabriel Luna explained "[We] certainly wanted to honor everything that had come before. There's no reason to remake the wheel when it's running so smoothly and seems to scare the pants off everybody. [We wanted to] find what worked really well ... but I think that they wanted him to have a charming quality, an approachable quality. You know, the fact that Ted Bundy could walk up to you in a park and all of a sudden, you're gone. That always was there."[15]

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