Rhode Island AFL–CIO

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Rhode Island AFL-CIO
Rhode Island AFL-CIO logo
Members 250 locals, 80,000 workers
Head union Frank J. Montanaro, president
Affiliation AFL-CIO
Office location Providence, Rhode Island
Country United States
Website www.riafl-cio.org

The Rhode Island AFL–CIO is the statewide affiliate of the AFL-CIO in Rhode Island. Its members include about 250 state and local affiliates of other unions affiliated with the AFL-CIO, representing about 80,000 workers.

The Rhode Island AFL–CIO engages in legislative activity, labor advocacy, and political lobbying and election work. It also coordinates the mobilization of workers on an as-needed basis for rallies, political work, contract campaigns and organizing. The Rhode Island AFL–CIO is particularly concerned with ensuring that the AFL-CIO's voice is heard when it comes to economic development in the state.

The federation is governed by a 93-member executive board. However, a 12-member executive committee of the executive board makes most of the decisions for the organization.

In 2007, its president was Frank Montanaro.

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