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Richard Morrison (born September 1953) is an English designer of film title sequences. He has created over 150 feature film title sequences in a career of more than thirty years.

Having studied graphics, photography and film, Morrison’s initial career began on the James Bond film series collaborating with an American graphic designer Maurice Binder. He has worked on film openers ever since for film directors including Franc Roddam, Ridley Scott and Jean-Jacques Annaud. His title sequences include films such as Batman, Enemy at the Gates, Gandhi, Brazil and The Killing Fields.

Describing his work in an interview with Empire (August 2008) Morrison explained: "I look for a nuance, a subliminal energy in a film that I can then work into an idea. A lot of my title sequences don’t give much away, but they give you a flavour. So the viewer thinks - Oh, this is intriguing, show me more…"[1]

Morrison has been chairman of Europe’s film and animation conference “Pencil to Pixel” since 2002, and in 2009 he was appointed Honorary Professor of Digital Film School of Media Arts and Imaging at the University of Dundee, Scotland.

Morrison is currently developing a few film title sequences including Tim Burton's Frankenweenie and Dark Shadows as well as David Mamet's currently untitled biopic on Phil Spector.

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