Riddlesdown Collegiate

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Riddlesdown Collegiate
Motto Learners of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow
Established 1958
Type Academy
Principal Mr Gordon H. Smith
Location Honister Heights
Coordinates: 51°19′33″N 0°05′16″W / 51.32572°N 0.08791°W / 51.32572; -0.08791
DfE number 306/5400
DfE URN 138178 Tables
Ofsted Reports Pre-academy reports
Students 1902
Gender Coeducational
Ages 11–18
Colours Blue, green, purple, maroon, dark blue, yellow
Website www.riddlesdown.org

Riddlesdown Collegiate (formerly Riddlesdown High School) is a secondary school with academy status located in the Riddlesdown area of the London Borough of Croydon, UK.

Riddlesdown is a coeducational school, of 1902 students (311 of those being post–16 students). The school takes its pupils mainly from the Sanderstead, Selsdon, Purley, Kenley, New Addington and South Croydon areas, and specialises in science. Riddlesdown is the largest school in Croydon in terms of pupil numbers. In September 2009, the school's name changed from Riddlesdown High School to Riddlesdown Collegiate, featuring six colleges; four of which will hold a mixture of years 7–11, a Creative Performing Arts college and a Sixth Form college.


The college's motto is "Learners of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow" as voted for by the school's student body.

The colleges[edit]

Four of the six colleges in the collegiate are 11–16 colleges with another for sixth form (16–19) and a Creative and Performing Arts College.

List of Colleges
College name Age/type Main colour
Aquila 11–16 Blue
Orion 11–16 Green
Pegasus 11–16 Purple
Phoenix 11–16 Red
Creative Performing Arts CPA Dark blue
College VI Post–16 Yellow/orange


In an Ofsted inspection in 2009[1] the majority of the results were Grade 3 (broadly average or below average), with some Grade 2 (generally above average), compared with the previous 2005 inspection,[2] which contained mostly Grade 2 results with some Grade 1 (exceptionally and consistently high) and few Grade 3.


In 1992, Riddlesdown was the first school in Croydon to be awarded Grant Maintained status by the Secretary of State for Education, and since then about 300 pupils have been admitted to the school by the Board of Governors each year.

In 1996, a Sixth Form Centre was established on the site and Riddlesdown became a Voluntary Aided School under the Bourne Foundation in 1999.


  • School foyer built with 3 new classrooms above.
  • An extension to the Science department was built, with 16 new classrooms.
  • A bridge was built to join the two buildings of Humanities Faculty, now Phoenix College.
  • The CPA sports facilities were extended so the sports hall is now conjoined with a new fitness room, with the College VI common room residing above.
  • A small 1 classroom extension, with a glass corridor surrounding it in Aquila College.
  • An extension to the CPA Drama and Music block was built, with eight new practice rooms, and two music tech class room and a separate Music technology class room in which the computer equipment needed is used. This also allowed for a performance hall to be made more accessible to all.
  • Ten widescreen monitors have been placed around the school.
  • An art block has been built from Portakabins with wider rooms and more space than the old block.
  • A new reception has offices next to the old reception and improved first aid facilities. Work was completed in April 2010.
  • A new block for cooking lessons.
  • Modifications have been made to Phoenix college to allow wheelchair access to comply with Disability Discrimination Act regulations.


The uniform for years 7–10 consists of:

  • A plain clip-on tie, with the colour depending on the college.
  • Shirt or blouse.
  • Outer blazer with school logo and college coloured piping.
  • An optional plain black jumper.
  • Black trousers or skirt.
  • Black shoes.
  • Black tights (girls).

The Year 11 uniform is different with a coloured jumper or cardigan, dependent on the home college. Also, girls can wear black trousers instead of skirts. Year 11 do not wear ties.

College VI students have no dress code.

Notable alumni[edit]


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