Rincón de Luz

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Rincón de Luz
Genre Telenovela
Created by Cris Morena
Written by Cris Morena, Ricardo Morteo
Directed by Gerardo Mariani, Osvaldo Cappra
Starring Cast list
Music by Cris Morena
Opening theme "Rincón de Luz" (Cast)
Country of origin Argentina
Original language(s) Castellano
No. of episodes 199
Producer(s) Cris Morena, Yair Dori
Cinematography various
Original network Azul TV / America 2
Original release 2003

Rincón de Luz is a 2003 Argentinian telenovela for children and teenagers. It was originally aired in 2003 on Canal 9. The show was produced by Cris Morena, who is also the creator of the show. Rincón de Luz is a kind of spin-off of Chiquititas, Cris Morena's show (1995-2001).



  • Felipe Colombo appeared in one episode of Rincón de Luz, and he portrayed himself.
  • Most actors used to portray in popular kids' telenovela Chiquititas (1995-2001).
  • Natalia Melcon's role has the same named as Melcon's role in Chiquititas.
  • In this show, Mariana Esposito made her debut.

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