Robert A. Haag

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Robert A. Haag
Born 1956 (1956) (age 60)
Nationality American
Occupation Meteorite hunter
Known for Collecting meteorites

Robert A. Haag (born 1956[1]) is an American famous for collecting meteorites. Some meteorites acquired from Haag are currently on display in the Smithsonian.[1]


Haag has been arrested and jailed in Argentina charged with taking protected rocks (the 37 ton El Chaco meteorite).[2][3] Haag was set up by an Argentinian mineral dealer, who claimed it only belonged to the land owner which Haag was to pay a substantial sum. Haag left the jail and Argentina after paying bail.[4]


Haag was the first private citizen and meteorite hunter to discover a Lunar meteorite,[5][6] known as Calcalong Creek. It was discovered among other meteorites coming out of the Australian Millbillillie meteorite (eucrite achondrite) strewn field. It was bought as a Millbillillie by Haag, but he discovered it was a lunar meteorite. He was also one of the first private citizens to obtain Martian meteorites.

He was featured in a story in Omni Magazine in July 1993.[7][8]

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