Romanian Handball Federation

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Romanian Handball Federation
Romanian Handball Federation logo.png
Formation 1936
Type Sports federation
Headquarters Bucharest, Romania
Official language
Alexandru Dedu

The Romanian Handball Federation (Romanian: Federaţia Română de Handbal) (FRH) is the governing body of handball in Romania. It is based in Bucharest. FRH is led by 6 departments.


  • The official rules of the game are written and published by Karl Schelenz in Berlin (1919).
  • On 17 June 1921, the first game of handball takes place in Romania. The game was played at the Central Stadium Sibiu. It was organized by professor Wilhelm Binder, and the teams were two local high schools: Brukenthal High School and Girls High School.
  • In 1931, Sibiu will organize the first major competition: Transylvania Cup.
  • In 1933, handball is added to the existing Romanian Volleyball and Basketball Federation becoming Romanian Volleyball, Basketball and Handball Federation (FRVBH).
  • In 1934, Transylvania Cup becomes Handball National League. The league is formed from three sub-divisions based on their location: North League (Ardeal), West League (Banat) and South League (Bucharest and Ploieşti).
  • In 1936, Romanian Handball Federation is founded as an independent governing body.


The Romanian Handball Federation organizes the following handball leagues:

It also organizes the Romania national handball team and the Romania women's national handball team and also Carpathian Trophy.


Name[1] Tenure
Nicolae Duţescu 1933–1936
Ion Drăgan 1936–1940
Maxim Ganţu 1940–1949
Adrian Sabatini 1950–1952
Petre Capră 1952–1957
Tudor Vasile 1957–1968
Dumitru Costea 1968–1973
Ioan Kunst-Ghermănescu 1973–1986
Ani Matei 1986–1989
Ioan Kunst-Ghermănescu 1990–1992
Adrian Pascal 1992–1993
Cornel Oțelea 1993–1995
Valentin Samungi 1995–1996
Cristian Gațu 1996–2014
Alexandru Dedu February 2014–present


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