Romano-Greek language

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Native to Greece
Native speakers
30 use it as a secret language (2000)[1]
  • Dortika (in Eurytania)
  • Kaliarda (in Athens)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 rge
Glottolog roma1240[2]

Romano-Greek (also referred to as Hellenoromani; Greek: Ελληνο-ρομανική) is a nearly extinct mixed language (referred to as Para-Romani in Romani linguistics), spoken by the Romani people in Greece that arose from language contact between Romani speaking people and the Greek language. The language is expected to be a secret language spoken in Thessaly and Central Greece Administrative Unit.[3] Typologically the language is structured on Greek with heavy lexical borrowing from Romani.[4] Related variants of this language are Dortika. Dortika is a secret language spoken mainly in Athens by traveling builders from Eurytania Prefecture. In both cases, the languages are most likely not native to their speakers.


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