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Sahar TV
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Headquarters Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
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Sahar TV (Persian: شبکه سحر‎‎ šabake Sahar, "Dawn TV"), is the name of two Iranian TV channels that are part of Sahar Universal Network (SUN) which is the branch of Islamic Republic Of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) responsible for broadcasting programs internationally. Programs are produced in Urdu, Azeri, Kurdish and Bosnian. It broadcasts to Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus, some parts of Northern Africa, Oceania, and all the countries in the subcontinent of India and Eastern Asia.


IRIB's northeast gate along Vali Asr Ave.

On 16 December 1997, Sahar Universal Network began broadcasting English programs for one hour a day. It gradually increased its airtime up to 4 hours a day.

Although the main function of English TV is to propagate the Islamic educations, the structure of the topics and genres of programs in English TV are miscellaneous. Programming is not restricted to politics and news, but scientific and social documentaries, clips, and game shows also.

English TV has produced works such as "Meteor of Religion" (Davood Alizadeh- 2008), "Sighs of Sorrow" (Mohammad Dargahi- 2009), "Sheikh of Siam" (Hamid Reza Kouhpaei- 2011), "Islamophobia" (Jamal Omidvar Tehrani- 2012) and among its most significant works one can refer to the routine daily or weekly programs including:

  • Pure Home (A live family program in 45 minutes which broadcasts every Sunday at 9:00 GMT. This program focuses on family issues like marriage, relationship among family members and other issues in family from religious point of view. Each week we invite an expert and focus in different subjects.)
  • Spectrum Iran (In this weekly live program in order to give more educational information, this 40 minute program tries to discuss and analyze the latest and most important cultural, social and educational events with the help of Iranian and foreign connoisseurs.),
  • Center Stage (This weekly and live program has been produced to answer this thematic and important question: Why should we convert to Islam? Therefore, the original Islamic instructions and educations are scrutinized without coming to a conclusion for or against Shiites or Sunnis. This program is to draw a beautiful picture of true Islam listening to different analysts' opinions through telephone conversation, SNG or in the studio. In this way, it wants to introduce this religion to English-speaking audiences all around the world.)
  • Horizon Magazine (As a cultural-theological magazine this program tries to act as a connecting rod between English Theological TV and its audiences to make the viewers familiar with the policies of this TV and the current religious or cultural issues.)
  • Iran Travel Guide (This program is broadcast weekly and aims to introduce and show touristy attractions of Iran, especially cultural heritage of this country to English-speaking audiences in order to attract tourists. Some parts of this program are produced in a live way and some parts in a produced way.)

The SAHAR English service in 2012 interviewed Gordon Duff, editor of the Veterans Today website, on the 9/11 attacks including the theories of conspiracy theorists James H. Fetzer and David Ray Griffin. According to Duff, there is no evidence that any Muslims or hijacked airliners were involved. Rather he believes that any hijackers were actually Israeli citizens and that it is impossible for airlines to fly fast at low altitudes without disintegrating.[1]

Satellite Information[edit]

How to Receive the Pictures of Sahar Universal Network:

Express-AM22 (53°E) Freq: 12582 SR: 24000 FEC: 2/3 Pol: V

NileSat 102 (7°W) Freq: 12303 SR: 27500 FEC: 5/6 Pol: H

Badr-5 (26°E) Freq: 12303 SR: 27500 FEC: 3/4 Pol: H


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