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Industry Software Testing
Founder Ken Gardner (Executive Chairman)
Headquarters Mountain View, CA, United States of America
Key people
Tom Lounibos (CEO)
Number of employees
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SOASTA, Inc. is a privately held[2] American technology company that provides digital performance management solutions for digital businesses to measure, optimize and test mobile, websites, and web applications.[3][4]

The SOASTA Digital Performance Management (DPM) Platform enables digital business owners to gain continuous performance insights into their real user experience on mobile and web devices in real time and at scale. SOASTA has performed over 100 million tests, has measured more than 300 billion user experiences, and is trusted by industry leading brands, including 53 of the top 100 internet retailers, six of the Forbes top 10 media companies, and seven of the Forbes top 10 tech companies. SOASTA is s a provider of cloud-based testing services, and created a browser-based website performance optimization solution.[5] Website tests include load testing, software performance testing, functional testing and user interface testing. SOASTA provides cloud website testing with its load testing product CloudTest, which simulates hundreds of thousands of users visiting a website simultaneously[6] using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service.[7][8] SOASTA allows customers to use predefined tests or create customized tests to automatically test their web and mobile applications.[9]

The SOASTA platform further enables digital businesses to gain continuous performance insight into real user experiences on mobile and web devices in real time and at scale, using real user monitoring technology coupled with its mPulse product. SOASTA serves mobile application testing needs through its product TouchTest, which provides functional mobile app testing automation for multi-touch, gesture-based mobile applications.


SOASTA was founded by Ken Gardner[2] and is based in Mountain View, California.[10] Tom Lounibos has been CEO[11] since September 2006.[12]

In September 2008, SOASTA raised USD $6.4 M in financing from Formative Ventures, Canaan Partners, and The Entrepreneur's Fund.[10][13]

In December 2008, SOASTA announced an alliance with SAVVIS to provide SAVVIS customer's with SOASTA's cloud testing services.[14]

In the first half of 2010, SOASTA was selected by The Wall Street Journal as a “Top 50” Venture-backed company,[15] by AlwaysOn as an OnDemand Top 100 Winner,[16] and by the Red Herring as a Top 100 North America Tech Startup.[17]

In October 2012, SOASTA became a Professional Services partner with ProtoTest.[18][19]


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