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Safe haven may refer to:

  • A sanctuary
  • Safe Haven (novel), an American novel by Nicholas Sparks
  • Safe Haven (short film), a 2009 American short film starring Daniela Ruah
  • Safe haven games, also called bat-and-ball games
  • Safe Havens, a syndicated comic strip drawn by cartoonist Bill Holbrook
  • Safe-haven currency, a currency believed to be a safe investment, especially in an unstable market
  • Safe-haven law, for the decriminalization of leaving unharmed infants with statutorily designated private persons so that the child becomes a ward of the state
  • Safe Haven Museum and Education Center, in Oswego, New York
  • Civilian safe haven, may refer to a no-fly zone in a military conflict
  • Safe haven (law enforcement), a State or other jurisdiction that provides legal protection to individuals or groups residing within its geographical control while they carry out unlawful operations and/or evade the reach of external law enforcement.[1]

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