Saladin Governorate

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Saladin Governorate
صلاح الدين
Salah ad Din Province
Location of Saladin Governorate
Coordinates: 34°27′N 43°35′E / 34.450°N 43.583°E / 34.450; 43.583Coordinates: 34°27′N 43°35′E / 34.450°N 43.583°E / 34.450; 43.583
Country  Iraq
Capital Tikrit
 • Total 24,751 km2 (9,556 sq mi)
Population (2011 [1])
 • Total 1,408,200
Main language(s) Official languages:

Saladin Governorate (Arabic: صلاح الدين Salāh ad Dīn‎) (or Salah ad Din Province, Kurdish Parezgay Salah aldin) is a governorate in Iraq, north of Baghdad. The governorate has an area of 24,363 square kilometres (9,407 sq mi). The estimated population in 2003 was 1,042,200 people. The capital is Tikrit; the governorate also contains the significantly larger city of Samarra. Before 1976 the governorate was part of Baghdad Governorate.

The province is named after Saladin (written Salah ad-Din in modern Arabic Latin transcription), a Muslim leader who defeated the Crusaders at Hattin, and who hailed from the province. Salah ad Din was the home province of Saddam Hussein; he was born in Al-Awja, a town near Tikrit.


In October 2011, the government in Saladin governorate declared itself a semi-autonomous region within Iraq. The government explained that the declaration was in response to the central government's "domination over the provincial council authorities".[2] Saladin, which is a largely Sunni governorate, is also hoping that by declaring themselves an autonomous region within Iraq, it will entail them to a larger portion of government funding.[2] The council cited "article 119 of Iraq's constitution" in its call for autonomy, which states that "one or more governorates [provinces] shall have the right to organize into a region" if one third of the Provincial Council members or one tenth of the voters request to form a region".[3]

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Salah ad Din districts

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