San Fernando (Pampanga) local elections, 2013

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City of San Fernando local elections, 2016
Ph seal san fernando pampanga.png
← 2010 May 13, 2013 2016 →
Nominee Edwin Santiago Reynaldo Aquino
Party Liberal PDP-Laban
Running mate Renato Agustin Raul Macalino
Popular vote 51,885 37,969
Percentage 55.18 40.38

Mayor before election

Oscar Rodriguez

Elected Mayor

Edwin Santiago

Local elections were held in the city of San Fernando in Pampanga on May 13, 2013, in conjunction with the 2013 Philippine midterm elections. Registered voters of the city were electing candidates for the following elective local posts: city mayor, city vice mayor, and ten councilors.


Both incumbent mayor Oscar Rodriguez and vice mayor Edwin Santiago have served their third terms, thus, are term limited. Rodriguez will return and will run for Congress for the third district of Pampanga, facing the incumbent Aurelio Gonzales Jr.

On October 1, 2012, the returning and first city mayor, Dr. Rey B. Aquino, filed his first certificate of candidacy in COMELEC office, together with their 10 candidates for city councilors under the banner of Team Fernandino.[1]


Names in boldface denote re-electionist candidates.

The candidates for mayor and vice mayor with the highest number of votes win their respective seats. They are elected separately; therefore, they may be of different parties when elected.


City of San Fernando Mayoral Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Edwin Santiago 51,885 55.18
PDP-Laban Reynaldo Aquino 37,969 40.38
Invalid or blank votes 4,167 4.43
Total votes 94,021 100.00

Vice Mayor[edit]

City of San Fernando Vice Mayoral Election
Party Candidate Votes %
UNA Jaime Lazatin 37,369 40.38
PDP-Laban Raul Macalino 24,375 25.93
Liberal Renato Agustin 21,709 23.09
Invalid or blank votes 9,968 10.60
Total votes 94,021 100.00

City Councilors[edit]

Voting is via plurality-at-large voting: Voters will vote for ten (10) candidates and the ten candidates with the highest number of votes are elected.

Of the incumbent councilors elected in 2010, six are not seeking re-election for various reasons:

  • Renato Agustin, who is graduating and is running for vice mayor under the Liberal Party,
  • Rosemary Calimlim, who is graduating;
  • Ruperto Dumlao, who is graduating;
  • Redentor Halili, who is graduating;
  • Jaime Lazatin, who is graduating and is running for vice mayor under the United Nationalist Alliance; and
  • Alex Patio, who is one of the nominees of party-list group Append Inc.


Administration coalition (Team Magsilbi Tamu)[edit]

Liberal Party (Philippines)/Team Magsilbi Tamu
Name Party
Jacklyn Rachelle Calimlim Liberal
Bernie Castro Liberal
Celestino Dizon Liberal
Ralph Dein Henson Liberal
Nelson Lingat Liberal
Joselito Ocampo Liberal
Allan Patio Liberal
Harvey Quiwa Liberal
Enerito Sason Liberal
Noel Tulabut Liberal

Primary opposition coalition (Team Fernandino)[edit]

Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan/Team Fernandino
Name Party
Purificacion Bamba PDP-Laban
Jesus Cuyugan PDP-Laban
Bong David PDP-Laban
Russel Halili PDP-Laban
Angelica Hizon PDP-Laban
Benedict Lagman PDP-Laban
Ayzel Mari Macalino PDP-Laban
Jep Miranda PDP-Laban
Jay Patio PDP-Laban
Raymundo Pekson Jr. PDP-Laban

Independent candidates not in tickets[edit]

Name Party
Ivan Alcarioto Independent
Edison David Independent
Ernesto Dumas Independent
Jose Quiwa III Independent


City of San Fernando Council Election
Party Candidate Votes %
PDP-Laban Angelica Hizon 49,400 52.54
Liberal Ralph Dein Henson 47,697 50.73
Liberal Noel Tulabut 43,104 45.85
PDP-Laban Benedict Lagman 40,419 42.99
PDP-Laban Ayzel Mari Macalino 36,367 38.68
Liberal Nelson Lingat 35,760 38.03
Liberal Celestino Dizon 35,553 37.81
Liberal Harvey Quiwa 35,474 37.73
Liberal Joselito Ocampo 35,433 37.69
Liberal Jacklyn Rachelle Calimlim 28,370 30.17
Liberal Enerito Sason 26,884 28.59
PDP-Laban Jesus Cuyugan 26,373 28.05
Liberal Allan Patio 25,897 27.54
PDP-Laban Jep Miranda 25,842 27.49
PDP-Laban Jay Patio 25,361 26.97
Liberal Bernie Castro 24,824 26.40
PDP-Laban Purificacion Bamba 23,225 24.73
PDP-Laban Bong David 15,399 16.38
PDP-Laban Russel Halili 15,286 16.26
PDP-Laban Raymundo Pekson Jr. 14,629 15.56
Independent Ivan Alcarioto 13,985 14.87
Independent Ernesto Dumas 11,917 12.67
Independent Jose Quiwa III 11,654 12.40
Independent Edison David 3,749 3.99
Total votes 94,021 100.00


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