San Silvestre Vallecana

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San Silvestre Vallecana
MADRID 051231 MXALX 088.jpg
San Silvestre Vallecana 2005.
Status active
Genre sports event
Frequency annual
Location(s) Madrid
Country Spain
Inaugurated 1964 (1964)

The San Silvestre Vallecana is an annual 10 km road race held on 31 December in Madrid since 1964, in the borough of Vallecas, Spain. It has two editions: a fun run for amateur athletes and an elite race for professional athletes. In 2012 the race achieved its historical record of participants, up to 40,000.

It is based upon the Saint Silvester Road Race, a Brazilian race (held since 1925) which spawned numerous other New Year's Eve races. Along with the Madrid Marathon, the San Silvestre Vallecana is one of the city's foremost annual running events.

Past winners[edit]

  Course record

Year Men's winner Country Women's winner Country
1964 Jesús Hurtado  Spain Not held
1965 Jesús Hurtado  Spain
1966 Mariano Haro  Spain
1967 Mohammed Gammoudi  Tunisia
1968 Javier Álvarez  Spain
1969 Not held
1970 Mike Tagg  United Kingdom
1971 Mike Tagg  United Kingdom
1972 Roger Clark  United Kingdom
1973 Mariano Haro  Spain
1974 Ian Stewart  United Kingdom
1975 Fernando Cerrada  Spain
1976 Jim Dingwall  United Kingdom
1977 Alastair Hutton  United Kingdom
1978 Nat Muir  United Kingdom
1979 Carlos Lopes  Portugal
1980 Carlos Lopes  Portugal
1981 Alex Hagelsteens  Belgium Grete Waitz  Norway
1982 Steve Harris  United Kingdom Iciar Martínez  Spain
1983 José Luis González  Spain Iciar Martínez  Spain
1984 Dave Lewis  United Kingdom Carmen Mingorance  Spain
1985 Dave Lewis  United Kingdom Mercedes Calleja  Spain
1986 António Leitão  Portugal Carmen Valero  Spain
1987 José Luis González  Spain Tania Merchieres  Belgium
1988 Gerry Curtis  Ireland Carmen Mingorance  Spain
1989 Arturo Barrios  Mexico Carmen Fuentes  Spain
1990 Ondoro Osoro  Kenya Aurora Pérez  Spain
1991 Ondoro Osoro  Kenya Rosa Mota  Portugal
1992 Paul Bitok  Kenya María Luisa Muñoz  Spain
1993 Ondoro Osoro  Kenya Sonia Escudero  Spain
1994 Martín Fiz  Spain Montse Martínez  Spain
1995 Enrique Molina  Spain Laura Jiménez  Spain
1996 Isaac Viciosa  Spain Aurora Pérez  Spain
1997 Alberto García  Spain Patricia Arribas  Spain
1998 Fabián Roncero  Spain Patricia Arribas  Spain
1999 Jon Brown  United Kingdom Tereza Yohannes  Ethiopia
2000 Isaac Viciosa  Spain Patricia Arribas  Spain
2001 Isaac Viciosa  Spain María Abel  Spain
2002 Isaac Viciosa  Spain Marta Domínguez  Spain
2003 José Manuel Martínez  Spain Marta Domínguez  Spain
2004 Craig Mottram  Australia Benita Johnson  Australia
2005 Eliud Kipchoge  Kenya Paula Radcliffe  United Kingdom
2006 Eliud Kipchoge  Kenya Jeļena Prokopčuka  Latvia
2007 Josphat Menjo  Kenya Vivian Cheruiyot  Kenya
2008 Tadese Tola  Ethiopia Marta Domínguez  Spain
2009 Moses Masai  Kenya Vivian Cheruiyot  Kenya
2010 Zersenay Tadese  Eritrea Jéssica Augusto  Portugal
2011 Hagos Gebrhiwet  Ethiopia Tirunesh Dibaba  Ethiopia
2012 Tariku Bekele  Ethiopia Gelete Burka  Ethiopia
2013[1] Leonard Komon  Kenya Linet Masai  Kenya
2014 Mike Kigen  Kenya Gemma Steel  United Kingdom
2015 Mike Kigen  Kenya Linet Masai  Kenya
2016 Nguse Tesfaldet  Eritrea Brigid Kosgei  Kenya


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