Sanggau Regency

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Sanggau Regency

Kabupaten Sanggau
PN SGU.jpg
From top to bottom: Regent Office Building and State Court Building
Official seal of Sanggau Regency
Bumi Daranante
Sanggau Permai
Location within West Kalimantan
Location within West Kalimantan
Sanggau Regency is located in Kalimantan
Sanggau Regency
Sanggau Regency
Location in Kalimantan and Indonesia
Sanggau Regency is located in Indonesia
Sanggau Regency
Sanggau Regency
Sanggau Regency (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 0°07′10″N 110°35′20″E / 0.11944°N 110.58889°E / 0.11944; 110.58889Coordinates: 0°07′10″N 110°35′20″E / 0.11944°N 110.58889°E / 0.11944; 110.58889
ProvinceWest Kalimantan
 • RegentPaolus Hadi
 • Vice RegentYohanes Ontot
 • Total12,857.80 km2 (4,964.42 sq mi)
200-400 m (1,312 ft)
 • Total422,448
 • Density33/km2 (85/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (WIB)
Area code(+62) 564
Vehicle registrationKB

Sanggau Regency (Chinese: 桑高; Hakka: Sîang-ngau) is a regency in West Kalimantan province of Indonesia. It is situated in the north-central part of the province, with an area (since the separation of the former eastern part of the regency in 2003 to create Sekadau Regency) of 12,857.80 km² and a population of 408,468 at the 2010 Census;[1] the latest official estimate (for January 2014) is 422,448. Alongside Landak Regency, Sekadau Regency, and Sintang Regency, Sanggau is one of the four West Kalimantan regencies that are predominantly Catholic.

Administrative Districts[edit]

Toah Pek Kong at riverside

Sanggau Regency consists of fifteen districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their populations at the 2010 Census[2] and their administrative centres:

District Area (km²) Population
2010 Census
Toba 1,127.20 11,954 Teraju
Meliau 1,495.70 46,150 Meliau
Kapuas 1,382.00 78,768 Sanggau
Mukok 501.00 18,256 Kedukul
Jangkang 1,589.20 26,674 Balai Sebut
Bonti 1,121.80 20,281 Bonti
Parindu 593.90 32,426 Pusat Damai
Tayan Hilir 1,050.50 29,990 Tayan
Balai 395.60 22,279 Batang Terang
Tayan Hulu 719.20 31,080 Sosok
Kembayan 610.80 25,796 Kembayan
Beduwai 435.00 10,744 Beduwai
Noyan 487.90 9,873 Noyan
Sekayam 841.01 29,639 Balai Karangan
Entikong 506.89 14,558 Entikong
Totals 12,857.80 408,468

Ethnical population statistics[edit]

Princely bride and groom in a litter in Sanggau in the 1940s




Roads in Sanggau are pretty narrow and not well paved due to the limitation of government budget. In certain areas, the road is in pretty poor condition with many holes and slightly muddy along the road.


There are two main rivers flowing through Sanggau, they are the Kapuas river and the Sekayam river. Water transportation remains the popular choice among the people who live in small villages / remote areas which are not accessible by road. In addition, it is also used for distributing goods such as foods, medicine, etc. The following are the popular methods for water transportation:


There is no airport in Sanggau regency, hence the nearest gateways are Supadio Airport (Pontianak) and Kuching International Airport(Sarawak, Malaysia).

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