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The Sant' Yago Knight Parade, is one of a series of events in the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. The parade is held annually in the historic neighborhood of Ybor City in Tampa, Florida and is organized by the Knights of Sant'Yago, one of the local "Krewes" that participate in Gasparilla-related events and raise money for various causes and charities.[1] It is sometimes referred to as the "Gasparilla Night Parade".[2]

The event features illuminated floats and takes place annually one Saturday evening in February and runs into the early morning hours. The event was founded in 1972 by The Krewe of the Knights of Sant'Yago which has hosted the event each year since. It typically takes place a week or two after the main Gasparilla Parade of Pirates and is considered the more "adult-oriented" of the two parades.

Dates of parades[edit]

Year Date
2005 February 12
2006 February 11
2007 February 10
2008 February 16
2009 February 14
2010 February 6
2011 February 12
2012 February 18 [3]
2013 February 9
2014 February 8
2015 February 14 [4]
2016 February 13
2017 February 11


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