Satan in Prison

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Satan in Prison
Satan in Prison.jpg
Directed by Georges Méliès
Produced by Georges Méliès
Written by Georges Méliès
Release date
Running time
5 min. 03 seconds
Country France
Language Silent

Satan in Prison (French: Satan en prison[1]) is a 1907 short silent film directed by and starring Georges Méliès. The five-minute silent was produced by his Star Film Company. It was released in the United States in November 1907. The film was the last in a series of films in which Méliès appeared as Satan, described as a "perfect capstone to the screenings".[2] Méliès had formally been a successful magician and stage performer and he found the Devil to be the perfect character to perform magic in his films.[3]


The film features Méliès in a room which is intended to be a cell and he finds ways to cure his boredom by performing tricks, such as vanishing and magically appearing picture frames and sudden appearing fireplaces and dinner tables with wine. Towards the end of the film he appears as Satan and tricks his guards by disappearing in a blanket.


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