Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

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For the Alan Sillitoe novel, see Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.
For the Counting Crows album, see Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings.
Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
Live album by The Stranglers
Released June 1993
Recorded 11 August 1990
Genre Rock
Label Castle Communications
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Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
Friday the Thirteenth
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars[1]

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning is a live recording of The Stranglers in concert.

By coincidence, it was Hugh Cornwell's last concert with the band that had been recorded for posterity. The tracks were mixed by Stuart MacMillan at Central Television Music Studio (Birmingham) in 1990. The mix session was attended by J.J. Burnel, Jet Black and Dave Greenfield, with Hugh Cornwell not attending. This recording was eventually released in 1993, as Saturday Night, Sunday Morning. The title is a reference to the gig happening on a Saturday night and Hugh announcing his departure the following day. It was also a title to a 1960 film.
The concert was split across an album and simultaneous VHS release, which contained different track listings. Between these releases all but one track ("School Mam") played at the concert are available. The Video was given a DVD release in 2000, retitled Live At Alexandra Palace.

In addition, a live CD Single from the same concert was released in January 1991, containing the tracks "Always the Sun", "Nuclear Device", "All Day and all of the Night" and "Punch and Judy".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Toiler on the Sea"
  2. "96 Tears"
  3. "Always the Sun"
  4. "No More Heroes"
  5. "Golden Brown"
  6. "Tank"
  7. "Strange Little Girl"
  8. "Something Better Change"
  9. "Hanging Around"
  10. "All Day and All of the Night"
  11. "Duchess"
  12. "Was It You?/Down in the Sewer"

Video track listing[edit]

  1. "Toiler on the Sea"
  2. "Something Better Change"
  3. "96 Tears"
  4. "Someone Like You"
  5. "Sweet Smell of Success"
  6. "Always the Sun"
  7. "Strange Little girl"
  8. "Hanging Around"
  9. "Lets' Celebrate"
  10. "Golden Brown"
  11. "No More Heroes"
  12. "Nuclear Device"
  13. "Duchess"
  14. "All Day & All of the Night"
  15. "Punch & Judy"