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Sawsan Chebli
Matt Lashey, Sawsan Chebli, and Richard Grenell, 4th of July 2019 in Berlin (cropped).jpg
Chebli Pop (2019)
Berlin State Secretary for Civic and International Affairs
Assumed office
6 December 2016
Governing MayorMichael Müller
Preceded byHella Dunger-Löper
Representative of Berlin to the Federation
Assumed office
6 December 2016
Governing MayorMichael Müller
Preceded byHella Dunger-Löper
Personal details
Born (1978-07-26) 26 July 1978 (age 42)
West Berlin
Political partySocial Democratic Party.
Alma materFree University of Berlin

Sawsan Chebli (born July 26, 1978 in West Berlin, Berlin,[1] Germany) is a German politician of Palestinian descent.

Early life and education[edit]

Chebli was born to Palestinian asylum seekers in Germany and grew up with her parents and twelve siblings in Berlin's Moabit district. After completing her Abitur at Lessing-Gymnasium in Wedding, Berlin in 1999, she studied political science at the Otto Suhr Institute (OSI) of the Free University of Berlin.[2][3]

Political career[edit]

Sawsan Chebli and Ambassador Richard Grenell in 2018

Chebli joined the Social Democratic Party in 2001. During her time at university, she worked as student research assistant to Gert Weisskirchen. From 2004, she served as chief of staff to Johannes Jung.

Between 2010 and 2014, Chebli was the first spokesperson for intercultural affairs of the Berlin Senator of the Interior and Sport, Ehrhart Körting, in the state government of the Governing Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit. From January 2014, she served as deputy spokesperson of the Federal Foreign Office under Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Since December 2016, Chebli has been serving as State Secretary for Federal Affairs in the state government of the Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller. As one of Berlin's representatives in the Bundesrat, she is a member Permanent Advisory Council, which is composed of the sixteen envoys of the federal states.

In August 2020, Chebli announced that she would run for a parliamentary seat in the 2021 national elections.[4][5]

Political positions[edit]

In an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in 2016, Chebli addressed the role of Sharia, saying, "it primarily deals with the personal relationship between God and humans. It addresses things like prayer, fasting and alms. That presents no problems for me as a democrat; it is absolutely compatible [with democracy], just as it is for Christians, Jews and anyone else."[6] The statement caused controversy after her appointment to a governing position in Berlin.[7]

Chebli has also denounced anti-Islam right wing German populists, telling Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: "My father is a pious Muslim, hardly speaks German, can neither read nor write, but he is more integrated than many functionaries of the AfD who question our constitution."[8][9][10][11]

Other activities[edit]


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  • Multi-Kulti oder Parallelgesellschaft? "Multi-culti" or "parallel society"? The debate on Muslim integration Diplomatic Magazine 5, 2013[15]


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