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Schwarzenegger (German pronunciation: [ˈʃvaɐ̯tsn̩ˌʔɛɡɐ]) is a German surname that means person from Schwarzenegg, which is both a village in Switzerland (currently split between the municipalities of Unterlangenegg and Oberlangenegg) and a place in Land Salzburg in Austria. "Schwarzen" means "black", and "egg" (from the same root as the German word "ecke" for "corner") refers to a ridge, e.g., Eggli (long ridge), Eggiman (lives on a ridge), and Eggler (farms on a ridge).[1][2] Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (born 1947), Austrian-American former bodybuilder, film actor, and politician
  • Christian Schwarzenegger (born 1959), Swiss academic and professor of criminal law at University of Zurich, second-cousin of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Gustav Schwarzenegger (1907–1972), Austrian police chief, once married to Aurelia Jadrný (1922–1998), father of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Katherine Schwarzenegger (born 1989), American author, daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger (born 1993), American entrepreneur, actor and model, son of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Patrick M. Knapp Schwarzenegger (born 1968), Austrian-American lawyer, son of Meinhard Schwarzenegger, nephew of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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