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This article is about the African ethnic group. For the town in coastal Syria, see Sebei, Syria.

Sebei is an ethnic group of Uganda and Sudan. They speak Sebei, a Nilotic language. Many members of this ethnic group live in the Kapchorwa District of Uganda.

The Sebei live on the slopes of Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda.[1] They number about 230,000 people and occupy the districts of Bukwa, Kapchorwa and Kween. Their territory borders the Republic of Kenya which is a home to more than five million Kalenjin, a large ethnic group to which the Sebei belongs. The Sebei, now known mainly as Sabiny, speak Kupsabiny, a Kalenjin dialect spoken by other smaller groups of Kalenjin stock around Mount Elgon. The Sebei and Kenyan smaller groups (Book, Kony, Mosoop, Someek, Bongomek) inhabiting the hills of Mount Elgon collectively are referred to as the 'Sabaots. For more information visit:


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