Seoul Central Mosque

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Seoul Central Mosque
Seoul central mosque 01.jpg
Korean name
Hangul 서울 중앙 성원
Hanja 서울 中央 聖院
Revised Romanization Seoul Jung-ang Seongweon
McCune–Reischauer Sŏul Chungang Sŏngwŏn

The Seoul Central Mosque opened in 1976 in Itaewon, Seoul. It is located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan District. It holds lectures in English, Arabic, and Korean. Friday (Jumu'ah) prayers regularly attract up to 800 worshipers at 1pm, the majority of them being of Arab, Indian, Pakistani or Turkish descent. It is the only mosque in the Seoul Capital Area.

In addition to fewer than 30,000 indigenous Korean Muslims are South Asian, Western Asia (i.e. Iraqi), Indonesian and Malaysian immigrants in South Korea, the majority of whom are Muslims. They have been guest workers since the 1990s, taking the total Muslim population in the country to around 35,000.[1]

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