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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Seven Days Battles (from June 25 to July 1, 1862) of the American Civil War. Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the battle,[1] the casualty returns[2] and the reports.[3][4] The Union order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of Northern Virginia[edit]

Gen Robert E. Lee

Jackson's Command[edit]

MG Thomas J. Jackson

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First (Whiting's) Division
     BG William H.C. Whiting

First (Hood's) Brigade

   BG John B. Hood

Third (Whiting's) Brigade

   Col Evander M. Law

  • 4th Alabama: Ltc O. K. McLemore (w), Cpt L. H. Scruggs
  • 2nd Mississippi: Col John M. Stone
  • 11th Mississippi: Col P. F. Liddell
  • 6th North Carolina: Ltc Isaac E. Avery (w), Maj R. F. Webb
  • Balthis' Battery, Staunton (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt W. L. Balthis (w)
  • Reilly's Battery, Rowan (North Carolina) Artillery: Cpt James Reilly

Second (Jackson's) Division
     MG Thomas J. Jackson

First Brigade[5]

   BG Charles S. Winder

Second Brigade[5][6]

   Ltc Richard H. Cunningham, Jr.
   BG John R. Jones (w - White Oak Swamp)

Third Brigade[5]

   Col Samuel V. Fulkerson (mw)
   Col Edward T. H. Warren
   BG Wade Hampton

Fourth Brigade[5]

   BG Alexander Lawton

  • 13th Georgia: Col Marcellus Douglass
  • 26th Georgia: Col E. N. Atkinson
  • 31st Georgia: Col Clement A. Evans (w)
  • 38th Georgia: Ltc L. J. Parr (w), Cpt William H. Battey
  • 60th Georgia: Ltc W. H. Stiles
  • 61st Georgia: Col John H. Lamar

Third (Ewell's) Division
     MG Richard S. Ewell

Fourth Brigade[5]

   BG Arnold Elzey (w - Gaines' Mill)
   Col James A. Walker
   BG Jubal Early

Seventh Brigade[5]

   BG Isaac R. Trimble

  • 15th Alabama: Col James Cantey
  • 21st Georgia: Maj T. W. Hooper (w)
  • 16th Mississippi: Col Carnot Posey
  • 21st North Carolina: Ltc William W. Kirkland
  • 1st North Carolina Battalion Sharpshooters: Maj Rufus W. Wharton
  • Courtney's Battery, Henrico (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt A. R. Courtney
Eight Brigade[5]

   BG Richard Taylor
   Col Isaac G. Seymour (k - Gaines' Mill)
   Col Leroy T. Stafford

  • 6th Louisiana: Col I. G. Seymour (k - Gaines' Mill)
  • 7th Louisiana: Ltc David B. Penn
  • 8th Louisiana: Col Henry B. Kelly
  • 9th Louisiana: Col Leroy A. Stafford
  • 1st Louisiana Special Battalion: Maj C. R. Wheat (k - Gaines' Mill)
  • Carrington's Battery, Charlottesville (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt J. McDonald Carrington
Maryland Line

   Col Bradley T. Johnson

Unattached Cavalry

D. H. Hill's Division[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

D. H. Hill's Division[7]
     MG Daniel H. Hill

First Brigade

   BG Robert E. Rodes [8]
   Col. John B. Gordon

Second Brigade

   BG George B. Anderson (w - Malvern Hill) [9]
   Col Charles C. Tew

Third Brigade

   BG Samuel Garland

Fourth Brigade

   Col Alfred H. Colquitt

  • 13th Alabama: Col Birkett D. Fry
  • 6th Georgia: Ltc J .M. Newton
  • 23rd Georgia: Col Emory F. Best
  • 27th Georgia: Col Levi B. Smith
  • 28th Georgia: Col Thomas J. Warthen (mw)
Fifth Brigade

   BG Roswell S. Ripley

  • 44th Georgia: Col Robert A. Smith (mw), Cpt John W. Beck
  • 48th Georgia: Col William Gibson
  • 1st North Carolina: Col Montford S. Stokes (mw), Cpt H. A. Brown, Ltc William P. Bynum
  • 3rd North Carolina: Col Gaston Meares (k), Ltc William L. De Rosset
  • Bondurant's Battery, Jeff Davis (Alabama) Artillery: Cpt J. W. Bondurant
  • Carter's Battery, King William (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Thomas H. Carter
  • Nelson's Battery, Hanover (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt G. W. Nelson
  • Hardaway's (Alabama) Battery: Cpt Robert A. Hardaway
Jones' Battalion[10]

   Maj Hilary P. Jones

  • Clark's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt P. H. Clark
  • Peyton's Battery, Orange (Virginia) Artillery: Lt C. W. Fry
  • Rhett's (South Carolina) Battery: Cpt A. Burnet Rhett

Magruder's Command[edit]

MG John B. Magruder

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG David R. Jones

First Brigade

   BG Robert Toombs

  • 2nd Georgia: Col Edgar M. Butt (w), Ltc William R. Holmes
  • 15th Georgia: Col William M. McIntosh (mw), Ltc William T. Millican, Maj T. J. Smith, Cpt S. Z. Hearns
  • 17th Georgia: Col Henry L. Benning
  • 20th Georgia: Col C. B. Cumming
Third (Jones') Brigade

   Col George T. Anderson

  • 1st Georgia Regulars: Col William J. Magill
  • 7th Georgia: Ltc W. W. White (w), Maj E. W. Hoyle (w), Cpt George H. Carmical
  • 8th Georgia: Col L. M. Lamar (w&c), Cpt George O. Dawson
  • 9th Georgia: Col R. A. Turnipseed
  • 11th Georgia: Ltc William Luffman

   Maj John J. Garnett

  • Brown's Battery, Wise (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt James S. Brown
  • Hart's Battery, Washington (South Carolina) Artillery: Cpt James F. Hart
  • Moody's (Louisiana) Battery: Cpt George V. Moody
  • Lane's Battery:[11] Cpt John Lane
  • Woolfolk's Battery, Ashland (Virginia) Artillery:[12] Lt James Woolfolk

McLaws' Division
     MG Lafayette McLaws

First Brigade

   BG Paul J. Semmes

Fourth Brigade

   BG Joseph B. Kershaw

  • 2nd South Carolina: Col John D. Kennedy, Maj F. Gaillard
  • 3rd South Carolina: Col James D. Nance
  • 7th South Carolina: Col D. Wyatt Aiken
  • 8th South Carolina: Col John W. Henagan
  • Kemper's Battery, Alexandria (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Del Kemper

Magruder's Division
     MG John B. Magruder

Second Brigade

   BG Howell Cobb

  • 16th Georgia: Col Goode Bryan
  • 24th Georgia: Col Robert McMillan
  • Cobb's (Georgia) Legion
  • 2nd Louisiana: Col J. T. Norwood (mw)
  • 15th North Carolina: Col Henry A. Dowd (w)
  • Carlton's Battery, Troup (Georgia) Artillery: Cpt Henry H. Carlton
Third Brigade

   BG Richard Griffith (mw - Savage's Station)
   Col William Barksdale

  • 13th Mississippi: Col William Barksdale, Ltc J. W. Carter (w), Maj Kennon McElroy
  • 17th Mississippi: Col W. D. Holder (w), Ltc John C. Fiser
  • 18th Mississippi: Col Thomas Griffin (w), Ltc William H. Luse
  • 21st Mississippi: Col Benjamin G. Humphreys, Ltc W. L. Brandon (w), Cpt William C. F. Brooks
  • McCarthy's (Virginia) Battery, 1st Richmond Howitzers: Cpt E. S. McCarthy

   Col Stephen D. Lee

  • Page's Battery, Magruder (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Thomas Jefferson Page, Jr.
  • Read's Battery, Pulaski (Georgia) Artillery: Cpt J. P. W. Read
  • Richardson's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt L. W. Richardson
  • Kirkpatrick's Battery, Amherst (Virginia) Artillery:[13] Cpt Thomas H. J. Kirkpatrick

Longstreet's Division[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others
Longstreet's Division

     MG James Longstreet[14]
     BG Richard H. Anderson[15]

First Brigade

   BG James L. Kemper

Second Brigade

   BG Richard H. Anderson
   Col Micah Jenkins

  • 2nd South Carolina Rifles: Col J. V. Moore
  • 4th South Carolina (Battalion): Maj C. B. Mattison
  • 5th South Carolina: Ltc Andrew Jackson (w)
  • 6th South Carolina: Ltc John M. Steedman (w)
  • Palmetto (South Carolina) Sharpshooters: Col Micah Jenkins, Ltc Joseph Walke
Third Brigade

   BG George Pickett (w - Gaines' Mill)
   Col Eppa Hunton[16]
   Col John B. Strange

Fourth Brigade

   BG Cadmus M. Wilcox

  • 8th Alabama: Ltc Y. L. Royston (w)
  • 9th Alabama: Maj J. H. J. Williams, Cpt J. H. King (w)
  • 10th Alabama: Col J. J. Woodward (k), Maj J. H. Caldwell (w)
  • 11th Alabama: Ltc S. F. Hale (w), Cpt George Field (w)
  • Anderson's Battery, Thomas (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Edwin J. Anderson
Fifth Brigade

   BG Roger A. Pryor

Sixth Brigade

   BG Winfield S. Featherston (w - Glendale)
   BG George B. Anderson

  • 12th Mississippi: Maj W. H. Lilly (w), Cpt S. B. Thomas
  • 19th Mississippi: Maj John Mullins (w)
  • 2nd Mississippi Infantry Battalion: Ltc John G. Taylor (k)
  • Smith's (Virginia) Battery, 3rd Richmond Howitzers: Cpt Benjamin H. Smith, Jr.

Huger's Division[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Huger's Division
     MG Benjamin Huger

Second Brigade

   BG William Mahone

Third Brigade

   BG Ambrose R. Wright

  • 44th Alabama: Col James Kent
  • 3rd Georgia: Maj J. R. Sturges (k), Cpt R. B. Nisbet
  • 4th Georgia: Col George P. Doles
  • 22nd Georgia: Col R. H. Jones, Maj Joseph Wasden
  • 1st Louisiana: Ltc W. R. Shivers (w), Cpt M. Nolan
  • Huger's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Frank Huger
  • Ross' Battery:[11] Cpt H. M. Ross
Fourth Brigade

   BG Lewis A. Armistead

Ransom's Brigade[17] (Second Brigade from the Department of North Carolina)

   BG Robert Ransom, Jr.

Walker's Brigade[17] (Fourth Brigade from the Department of North Carolina)

   BG John G. Walker
   Col Van H. Manning

A. P. Hill's Light Division[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

A.P. Hill's Light Division[18]
     MG Ambrose P. Hill

First Brigade

   BG Charles W. Field

Second Brigade

   BG Maxcy Gregg

Third Brigade

   BG Joseph R. Anderson (w - Glendale)
   Col Edward L. Thomas

  • 14th Georgia: Col Robert W. Folsom (w)
  • 35th Georgia: Col Edward L. Thomas (w - Mechanicsville)
  • 45th Georgia: Col Thomas Hardeman (w)
  • 49th Georgia: Col Andrew J. Lane (w)
  • 3rd Louisiana Battalion: Ltc Edward Pendleton
Fourth Brigade

   BG Lawrence O'Bryan Branch

Fifth Brigade

   BG James J. Archer

  • 5th Alabama Battalion: Maj Albert S. Vandegraaf (w)
  • 19th Georgia: Ltc Thomas C. Johnson (mw)
  • 1st Tennessee (Provisional Army): Ltc James C. Shackelford (mw)
  • 7th Tennessee: Col John F. Goodner (w)
  • 14th Tennessee: Col William A. Forbes
Sixth Brigade

   BG William D. Pender (w - Glendale)
   Ltc John McElroy

  • 2nd Arkansas Battalion: Maj W. N. Bronaugh (k)
  • 16th North Carolina: Ltc John McElroy
  • 22nd North Carolina: Col James Conner (w), Ltc R. H. Gray
  • 34th North Carolina: Col Richard H. Riddick (w)
  • 38th North Carolina: Col William J. Hoke (w)
  • 22nd Virginia Battalion: Cpt J. C. Johnson

   Ltc Lewis M. Coleman

  • Andrews' (Maryland) Battery: Cpt R. Snowden Andrews
  • Bachman's (South Carolina) Battery: Cpt William K. Bachman
  • Braxton's (Virginia) Battery, Fredericksburg Artillery: Cpt Carter M. Braxton
  • Crenshaw's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt William G. Crenshaw
  • Johnson's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Marmaduke Johnson
  • McIntosh's Battery, Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery: Cpt David G. McIntosh
  • Pegram's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt William J. Pegram

Department of North Carolina[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Department of North Carolina[19]
     MG Theophilus H. Holmes

Third Brigade

   Col Junius Daniel


   Col James Deshler

  • Branch's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt James R. Branch
  • Brem's (North Carolina) Battery: Cpt T. H. Brem
  • French's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt David A. French
  • Graham's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Edward Graham
Wise's Command[20]

   BG Henry A. Wise

  • 26th Virginia: Col P. R. Page
  • 46th Virginia: Col R. T. W. Duke
  • 4th Virginia Heavy Artillery
  • Andrews' (Virginia) Battery: Cpt W. G. Andrews
  • Rives' (Virginia) Battery: Cpt J. H. Rives

Artillery Reserve[edit]

Division Battalions Batteries

Artillery Reserve
     BG William N. Pendleton

1st Virginia Artillery[21]

   Col J. Thompson Brown

  • Richmond Fayette Artillery: Lt William I. Clopton
  • Coke's (Williamsburg) Battery: Cpt John A. Coke
  • Watson's battery: Cpt David Watson
Nelson's Battalion[22]

   Maj William Nelson

  • Huckstep's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Charles T. Huckstep
  • Page's Battery: Cpt R. C. M. Page
Richardson's Battalion[23]

   Maj Charles Richardson

  • Ancell's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt John J. Ancell
  • Milledge's (Georgia) Battery: Cpt John Milledge Jr.
  • Davidson's Battery, Letcher (Virginia) Artillery:[24] Cpt Greenlee Davidson
  • Masters' (Virginia) Battery:[24] Cpt L. Masters
Sumter (Georgia) Artillery[25]

   Ltc Allen S. Cutts

  • Blackshear's Battery: Cpt James A. Blackshear
  • Price's Battery: Cpt John V. Price
  • Chapman's battery, Dixie (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt W. H. Chapman
  • Dabney's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt W. J. Dabney
  • Dearing's (Lynchburg) Battery: Cpt James Dearing
  • Grimes' (Virginia) Portsmouth Battery: Cpt Carey F. Grimes
  • Hamilton's Battery: Cpt B. P. Hamilton


Brigade Regiments and Others

   BG J.E.B. Stuart


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