Shōnai River

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Shōnai River
The Scene Johoku and Shōnai River bridge.JPG
The Scene Johoku and Shōnai River bridge
Physical characteristics
 • locationMount Yūdachi
 • elevation727 m (2,385 ft)
 • location
Ise Bay
Length96 km (60 mi)
Basin size1,010 km2 (390 sq mi)
 • average28.21 m3/s (996 cu ft/s)
Basin features
River systemShōnai River

The Shōnai River (庄内川, Shōnai-gawa) is a Class 1 river flowing through Gifu and Aichi prefectures in Japan. In Gifu Prefecture, it is also referred to as the Toki River (土岐川 Toki-gawa); around the city of Kasugai in Aichi Prefecture, it is referred to as the Tamano River (玉野川 Tamano-gawa). Fujimae-higata (designated sites as List of Ramsar wetlands of international importance) exists in the River mouth.


The river originates at Mount Yūdachi in Ena, Gifu Prefecture. After flowing through the Tamano Valley in Aichi Prefecture, it enters the Nōbi Plain, before emptying into Ise Bay through Nagoya's Minato-ku.

River communities[edit]

The river passes through or forms the boundary of the communities listed below.

Gifu Prefecture
Ena, Mizunami, Toki, Tajimi
Aichi Prefecture
Seto, Kasugai, Nagoya, Kiyosu, Jimokuji, Ōharu


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Coordinates: 35°01′56″N 136°50′34″E / 35.032218°N 136.842667°E / 35.032218; 136.842667 (mouth)