Shadow Cabinet (National Assembly for Wales)

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Unlike the Westminster arrangement where there is an 'Official Opposition' to the government of the day, there is no such thing as an 'official' opposition to the Welsh Government. Instead, all parties that are not in government are merely 'opposition parties'. With the current Welsh Government being a minority government run by Welsh Labour, the main opposition party is currently the Welsh Conservatives, and has a shadow cabinet composing of Assembly Members.

Shadow Cabinet[edit]

Office Name Term Party Image
Leader of the Opposition Andrew RT Davies AM 2011– Conservative Andrew R. T. Davies.jpg
Shadow Minister for Finance Paul Davies AM 2011– Conservative Paul Davies AM 2001.jpg
Shadow Minister for Business, Enterprise and Technology Nick Ramsay AM 2011– Conservative Nick Ramsay 2011.jpg
Shadow Minister for Education Angela Burns AM 2011– Conservative Angela Burns.jpg
Shadow Minister for Local Government Janet Finch-Saunders AM 2011– Conservative Janet Finch-Saunders.jpg
Shadow Minister for Social justice and Housing Mark Isherwood AM 2011– Conservative Mark Isherwood.jpg
Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs Vacant
Shadow Minister for Health and Social Services Darren Millar AM 2011– Conservative Darren Millar.jpg
Shadow Minister for Equalities and Sport Mohammad Asghar AM 2011– Conservative Mohammad Asghar.jpg
Shadow Minister for Culture and Welsh Language Suzy Davies AM 2011– Conservative Suzy Davies.jpg
Shadow Minister for Environment Russell George AM 2011– Conservative Russell George.jpg

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