Shahar Marcus

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Shahar Marcus
Shahar Marcus.jpg
Born 1971
Petach Tikva, Israel
Nationality Israeli, Jewish
Education Tel Aviv University
Known for Video art, performance and installations

Shahar Marcus (born 1971) is an Israeli artist who works primarily in video, performance and installations.


Shahar Marcus was born in 1971 at Petach Tikva. His mother was a teacher and father a Diamond dealer. His first child was born during 2011 and in 2014 his youngest daughter joined the family. They currently reside in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In his early works Marcus dealt with the exploration of his own body and its limitations; his body serving as an instrument or rather a platform for the conducting of experiments with various perishable materials, such as dough, juice, ice and fire. While his early video-performances feature himself along with other artists, with whom he had collaborated in the past, in his recent works, Marcus appears by himself, while embodying different roles and characters.

His most recent works he deal with local political issues, by approaching iconic Israeli landmarks with a critical and humorous point of view (like "1,2,3,Herring"). Thus, Marcus reflects on his own heritage, environment and the creation of local historical narratives. He aspires to tackle a local issue, and convey it through universal visual means ("The Curator", "King of Falafel", "Homecoming Artist and Leap of Faith").

As of 2012, Marcus has been collaborating with the Turkish-German performance artist Nezaket Ekici. The both of them have been employing their own bodies as a medium to build up forces and energies, to resolve tensions and conflicts. By pushing their own physical limits, they cause their works to revolve in no small measure around the limits of cultural and political difference. (Methexis, Sand Clock, Salt Dinner).


Awards and Residencies[edit]

  • 2015 The Discovery award, Loop art fair and festival,Barcelona,Spain.
  • 2013 The Israeli Ministry of Culture award for Encouraging Creativity.
  • 2013 Special mention for "seeds" at the 20 min\max film festival, Ingolstadt, Germany.
  • 2012 Winner of the "press" award, Laguna art prize, Venice,Italy
  • 2011 Winner of the celeste prize-video award
  • 2011 ArtMuse video festival, first place for "Freeze", Bocholt, Germany
  • 2010 Art OMI, New York City
  • 2009 Special mention for "frog test" video art. The Jerusalem International Film festival, Israel.
  • 2008 Beatrice Kolliner award for young artist, Israel Museum of Art
  • 2006 Young Artist Award, Ministry Of Education And Culture

Solo exhibitions[edit]

Group exhibitions[edit]



  • Shoot: about performance, DNA gallery, Berlin, Germany.
  • Recurrence, Nimac. Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • Re:Start – Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • Changing Perspectives - Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa
  • DNA Berlin Solid and Soft
  • Hospitalshof Stuttgart, Stuttgart Ich und Du











  • Precise, Blur 5 International Biennale for Performance Art, Tel Aviv
  • Cover, L.M.P Theatre, C.R.A.N.E Art Tulage, Chateau de Chevigny, France


  • Freeze, Blur 4 International Biennale for Performance Art, Jaffa
  • Soak Art Focus 4, Jerusalem



  • HA'ARETZ - GUIDE, 02.04.2010
  • City Mouse, 27.05.2010
  • "Tel Aviv", TIME OUT - Fresh Paint, 29.04.2010
  • BELLEMODE, 01.09.2010
  • "Tower of Babel", Pnai Plus, 28.09.2010
  • THE JERUSALEM POST - METRO, 15.10.2010
  • Yediot Hanegev, 12.11.2010


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