Shanghai Municipal People's Congress

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Shanghai Municipal People's Congress


Shànghǎi Shì Rénmín Dàibiǎo Dàhuì
15th Shanghai Municipal People's Congress
Coat of arms or logo
Jiang Zhuoqing, Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
since January 20, 2020
1st Vice-chairman
Xu Zezhou, CCP
since January 28, 2018
Zhao Weixing, CCP
since January 20, 2020
Seats855 (include members of Standing Committee is 57)
SMPC political groups
Government (868):
  •   CCP (558)
  •   RCCK (19)
  •   CDL (30)
  •   CDNCA (26)
  •   CAPD (24)
  •   CPWDP (16)
  •   CZGP (14)
  •   JS (35)
  •   TDSGL (3)
  •   Others (7)
  •   Independent (115)
  •   PLA (21)
SCSMPC political groups
Government (57):
SMPC committees
  • Law
  • Internal and Judicial Affairs
  • Financial and Economic
  • Education, Science, Culture and Public Health
  • Urban Construction and Environmental Protection
  • Overseas Chinese, Ethnic and Religious Affairs
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Agricultural and Rural Affairs
Plurality-at-large voting & Two-round system
SMPC last election
December 27, 2017
SMPC next election
December 2022
Meeting place
The government building of shanghai.jpg
No.200 People Avenue, Shanghai
Official website
Shanghai Municipality People's Congress
Traditional Chinese上海人民代表大會
Simplified Chinese上海人民代表大会

The Shanghai Municipal People's Congress (SMPC; Chinese: 上海市人民代表大会; pinyin: Shànghǎi Shì Rénmín Dàibiǎo Dàhuì) is the Shanghai's local legislature within the PRC.[1] With 855 members in 2020, SMPC is the elected council of Shanghai that oversees the Shanghai Government. The SMPC is elected for a term of five years. It holds annual sessions every spring, usually lasting from 5 to 7 days, in the Shanghai Expo Center [zh] in Pudong of Shanghai, and these annual meetings provide an opportunity for the officers of Shanghai to review past policies and present future plans to Shanghai.

Membership and election[edit]


  1. Yan Youmin (严佑民): 1979-1981
  2. Hu Lijiao (胡立教): 1981-1988
  3. Ye Gongqi (叶公琦): 1988-1998
  4. Chen Tiedi (陈铁迪): 1998-2003
  5. Gong Xueping (龚学平): 2003-2008
  6. Liu Yungeng (刘云耕) : 2008-2013
  7. Yin Yicui (殷一璀): 2013-2020
  8. Jiang Zhuoqing (蒋卓庆): 2020-present

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