Shihat Hama

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Shihat Hama


Shihat Hama is located in Syria
Shihat Hama
Shihat Hama
Location in Syria
Coordinates: 35°9′18″N 36°41′4″E / 35.15500°N 36.68444°E / 35.15500; 36.68444
Country Syria
 • Total3,985

Shihat Hama (Arabic: الشيحة‎, also spelled Shiha or al-Shyha) is a village in northwestern Syria, administratively part of the Hama Governorate, located just west of Hama. Nearby localities include Qamhana to the northeast, Khitab to the north, Kafr al-Tun to the west and Tayzin to the south. According to the Syria Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Shihat Hama had a population of 3,985 in the 2004 census.[2] Its inhabitants are predominantly Sunni Muslims.[3] In the 1960s, it was noted that Shihat Hama contained several domed huts.[4] The village is administered by a municipality established in 1989. Other localities included in the municipality are Maar Daftein, al-Qadiriyah and Mazraat al-Safa.[5]


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