Shinagawa Lighthouse

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Shinagawa Lighthouse
Meiji-Mura 3881615281 761a0c084e.jpg
Shinagawa Lighthouse, now in Meiji Mura.
Shinagawa Lighthouse is located in Japan
Shinagawa Lighthouse
Location Shinagawa, Japan (former)
Meiji Mura (current)
Coordinates 35°20′29.9″N 136°59′38.9″E / 35.341639°N 136.994139°E / 35.341639; 136.994139Coordinates: 35°20′29.9″N 136°59′38.9″E / 35.341639°N 136.994139°E / 35.341639; 136.994139
Year first lit 5 March 1870
Deactivated 1957
Construction brick tower
Tower shape cylindrical tower with gallery and lantern
Markings / pattern white tower and lantern
Height 9 metres (30 ft)
Original lens 4th order Fresnel lens
Characteristic decorative light[1]

Shinagawa Lighthouse was a lighthouse in Shinagawa (品川第二砲台), south of Tokyo, Japan.

The lighthouse was the third of the four lighthouses built by French engineer Léonce Verny. It was relocated to the Meiji Mura historical theme park near Nagoya.[2]

Later lighthouses would be built by the English engineer Richard Henry Brunton, until the Japanese would take over lighthouse construction in 1880[3]

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