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Studio album by Anthony Phillips
Released April 1979
Recorded October - November 1978 at Essex Studios and Matrix Studios
Genre Progressive rock, pop rock
Length 46:19
Label Passport
Producer Rupert Hine
Anthony Phillips chronology
Private Parts and Pieces
(1978)Private Parts and Pieces1978
Private Parts and Pieces II: Back to the Pavilion
(1980)Private Parts and Pieces II: Back to the Pavilion1980
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars [1]

Sides is the fourth solo album from former Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips. It was released in 1979 by Passport Records. For a limited period it was sold bundled with a complimentary copy of his Private Parts and Pieces album.

This album was produced by Rupert Hine and intended for a mainstream audience. On the original LP, side one showcased shorter pop songs, while side two highlighted longer, more progressive pieces.

Genesis crew members Dan Owen and Dale Newman provide vocals on some tracks.

Peter Cross did the artwork for the album.

The album was first released on CD in 1990 by Virgin Records. This original CD release contained two extra tracks: "Souvenir" and an instrumental version of "Magdalen".

As part of Voiceprint's continued re-issuing campaign of Ant's back catalogue, the album was re-issued in 2010 as an expanded 2 CD edition. The album is newly re-mastered from the original master tapes by Simon Heyworth and includes the non-album track "Souvenir" as an extra track on the first CD. This is in keeping with the track order of the original CD release. The second CD contains variations and alternate mixes of the songs from the album including some unique new mixes which have been made from the original multi-track masters especially for the release. The instrumental version of "Magdalen", which appeared as bonus track at the end of the original CD issue, has been moved to the second disc of this release. Also included is the edited single version of "Um & Aargh" which has not previously been available on CD. The second CD also contains two tracks originally intended for inclusion on the original album. "Catch You When You Fall" was recorded for the album but was left off because Ant was unhappy with the lyrics. A rough mix was included on Archive Collection Volume One, the version included on the bonus CD is newly mixed in instrumental form from the 24-track master. "Before The Night" was left off the album in place of "Bleak House" as it was decided to include only one piano-based ballad.

On April 22, 2016, Esoteric Recordings (a Cherry Red Records label) released a 4-disc deluxe edition of the album. Disc 1 contains a 2016 stereo remix of the album. Disc 2 contains the bonus material (as on the 2010 release). Disc 3 contains a remastered version of the original stereo mix of the album. Disc 4 contains a 2016 5.1 surround sound mix of the album on a DVD. The deluxe edition also includes a poster and a 20-page booklet with photos and extensive liner notes.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Anthony Phillips except where indicated.

  1. "Um & Aargh" – 4:53
  2. "I Want Your Love" – 3:57
  3. "Lucy Will" – 4:07
  4. "Side Door" – 3:26
  5. "Holy Deadlock" (Music: Phillips; Lyrics: Martin Hall) – 3:51
  6. "Souvenir" – 3:45 (CD reissue bonus track)
    • Originally the B-side of the April 1979 "Um & Aargh" single
  7. "Sisters of Remindum" – 4:33
  8. "Bleak House" – 6:17
  9. "Magdalen" – 7:47
  10. "Nightmare" – 7:27
  11. "Magdalen (Instrumental)" – 6:51 (Original CD reissue bonus track only)
    • The rhythm track to original version of "Magdalen"

Original US LP Track listing[edit]

Side one ("First Half")
  1. "Um & Aargh"
  2. "I Want Your Love"
  3. "Holy Deadlock"
  4. "Lucy Will"
  5. "Side Door"
Side two ("Second Half")
  1. "Sisters of Remindum"
  2. "Bleak House"
  3. "Magdalen"
  4. "Nightmare"

2010 Bonus CD Track listing[edit]

  1. "Um & Aargh" (instrumental mix) – 6:55
  2. "I Want Your Love" (instrumental mix) – 3:56
  3. "Sisters of Remindum" (alternative mix) – 4:28
  4. "Lucy Will" (original mix) – 4:10
  5. "Magdalen" (instrumental mix) – 7:03
  6. "Side Door" (original mix) – 3:19
  7. "Um & Aargh" (7" single mix) – 3:54
  8. "Souvenir" (instrumental mix) – 3:49
  9. "Bleak House" (alternative mix) – 6:21
  10. "Nightmare" (alternative mix) – 7:35
  11. "Catch You When You Fall" (instrumental mix) – 3:22
  12. "Before The Night" (demo) – 5:06


  • Anthony Phillips - guitars on CD1: all tracks; CD2: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, keyboards on CD1: all tracks; CD2: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, and lead vocals on CD1: 1, 3, 5; CD2: 7 (with additional vocals on 4, 6)
  • Michael Giles - drums on CD1: all tracks; CD2: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • John G. Perry - Bass on CD1: all tracks; CD2: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Dale Newman - Lead Vocals on CD1: 8; CD2: additional vocals on 6, 7, 9
  • Dan Owen - Lead Vocals on CD1: 2, 4, 6; CD2: 6 with additional vocals on 7
  • Ray Cooper - percussion on CD1: all tracks; CD2: 6, 7
  • Frank Ricotti - Timpani on CD1
  • Morris Pert - Congas on CD1: 3
  • Mel Collins - Tenor saxophone on CD1: 4
  • John Hackett - Flute on CD1: 6
  • Ralph Bernascone - Lead Vocals on CD1: 10
  • Vic Stench - Cellos on CD1: 3 and Bass on CD1: 8

(These last two credits are running jokes which appear across many of Ant's albums. Ralph Bernascone is a friend who is frequently credited. In this case, he is credited with vocals on a track without vocals. Vic Stench is a pseudonym for Ant himself.)

Source: 2010 CD Reissue Liner Notes.


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