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Front cover of SoHo featuring in the centre Colombian actress Cristina Umaña posing nude wearing epaulettes and a bicorne drawing a sword from its scabbard.
Front cover of SoHo, featuring actress Cristina Umaña
Editor-in-Chief Daniel Samper Ospina
Categories Adult magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Publicaciones Semana S.A.
First issue 10 August 1999
Country Colombia
Based in Bogota, D.C.
Language Colombian Spanish
ISSN 0124-1400

SoHo is a Colombian-based monthly men's magazine founded in 1999 by Isaac Lee and others.[1] In addition to Colombia, it is distributed in Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica and Peru. It is the second largest magazine by circulation in Colombia after TVyNovelas.[citation needed]

The magazine is known for its nude and partially nude cover photos of models, actresses, and women in Colombian public life,[2] and like some other Latin American men's magazines, also for the contributions of notable writers and wide range of article topics.[3] This often puts it in the same market segment as Playboy or Maxim.

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