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Sobee Studios
IndustryComputer and video game industry
PredecessorVivid Image
Headquartersİstanbul, Turkey
Key people
Mevlüt Dinç
Productsİstanbul Kıyamet Vakti,
I Can Football,
I Can Football 2,
Süpercan 2,
One Man One Team,
Kayıp Armağan
Number of employees

Sobee (formerly Dinc Interactive) is a game development company founded by Mevlüt Dinç in 2000. Sobee's main headquarters are in İstanbul, Turkey. The firm was purchased by Türk Telekom in 2009.[1]


Company founder Mevlüt Dinç has since 1983 created games such as Enduro Racer, Last Ninja 2, First Samurai and Street Racer, all of which are highly popular with world gamers, and has received many awards in his area. Currently, Sobee develops interactive 3D multiplayer applications on a global scale thanks to its R&D based organizational structure. Core activities include the development of the server/client infrastructure to enable multiple players to simultaneously interact with these environments, as well as the creation of artificial intelligence which enables created interactive environments to operate in a realistic manner. Sobee's arsenal of game development technologies is highly capable of creating products that contain interactive 3D environments needed by the entertainment and other industries, including education, tourism, defense, transportation, and retail, etc. Sobee is based at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Technocity with another R&D team operating at The Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara. Sobee continues to work towards making products thus far available only to Turkish gamers, also available to international gamers.

The economic value of the computer games industry with all its stakeholders, and with a dollar volume of 50 billion dollars, is around 100 billion dollars. The market, especially with the dominance of Korea and China over the online gaming sector, generates millions of dollars in revenues. Even though the Turkish game industry has reached around 100 million dollars, considerable potential remains yet to be explored. It is evident that local companies are needed in the market capable of creating games and services tailored to the culture and sociology of the country.

I Can Football, launched in 2009, is the world's first 11x11 football game enabling gamers to simultaneously play online football games in a 3D environment with two teams of 11 players each. With this project, Sobee scored a first, not only in Turkey, but also the world. In Turkey, there are over 750,000 subscribers to the game, which will also be played in Saudi Arabia and Germany. This gigantic game, the beta version of which was launched in 2006, and which features historical sites of Istanbul, is Turkey's first MMORPG game (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). There are over 600,000 subscribers to the game, which has also been the subject of a documentary on Discovery Channel. Super Can, presented as Turkey's first child hero, besides targeting the entertainment of children under the age of 13, aims to engrain the importance of such issues as social responsibility and environmental awareness,. The hero's game sees its launch at the beginning of 2011. The promotional video of the game, viewed by 600,000 people within just a couple of weeks, is proof enough of the company's good intentions.


  • 2010 – Achievement Award at the 9th Technology Awards of Turkey
  • 2010 – Best Content Service Award in World Communication Awards


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