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Solid perfumes or cream perfumes are perfumes in solid rather than the denatured ethanol and water mix used in eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, etc. Historically, ointment-like unguents have been used as a type of solid perfume since Egyptian times.[1] Normally the substance that gives the cream its base comes from a type of wax that is initially melted. Once melted, a scent or several scents may be added and then further developed until the cream base reaches the desired consistency.

Solid perfume is used either by rubbing a finger against it and then onto skin or dipping a cotton swab into it and then onto the skin. Sometimes solid perfume can take more time for the deeper notes to come out than an eau de toilette spray perfume.

The latest solid perfumes are designed as handbag essentials and a more compact way of making perfume more portable.


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