Soom Shale

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Soom Shale
Stratigraphic range: Hirnantian
Thickness 10–15 m
Primary Silts and mudstones
Location South Africa

The Soom Shale is a member of the Late Ordovician (Hirnantian) Cedarberg Formation (Table Mountain Group) in South Africa, renowned for its remarkable preservation of soft-tissue in fossil material.[1] Deposited in still waters, the unit lacks bioturbation, perhaps indicating anoxic conditions.[1]

It overlies the Pakhuis tillite and is overlain by the Disa Siltstone.[1]

It contains typical Ordovician microfossils, such as chitinozoa, acritarchs and spores, and its shelly fauna is also typical of this time period.[1]

Its macrofauna comprises pelagic organisms that sank rapidly to a barren sea floor.[2] These include brachiopods,[3] eurypterids, conodonts,[4] naraoiid trilobites, and orthoconic cephalopods.

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