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The South Carolina Synod is one of 65 geographical administrative districts (similar to a diocese) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, comprising the entire state of South Carolina. The current bishop of the Synod is The Rev. Dr. Herman R. Yoos III, who was elected by the 2008 Synod Assembly at the retirement of The Rev. David Donges. Bishop Yoos was reelected on the first ecclesiastical ballot by the 2014 Synod Assembly for a second term ending in 2020.


The conferences of the Synod are smaller administrative units comprising individual parishes located geographically close together. The conferences of the Synod are:

  • Conference 1: Foothills
  • Conference 2: Upstate
  • Conference 3: Epiphany
  • Conference 4: Amelia
  • Conference 5: Heartland
  • Conference 6: Midlands
  • Conference 7: Costal
  • Conference 8: Saxe Gotha
  • Conference 9: Western


In addition to being a part of the ELCA and, by extension, a member of the Lutheran World Federation, the South Carolina Synod is also a companion to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Colombia.

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