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Southern Nevada (often abbreviated as SNV) is the region of Nevada which includes the Las Vegas Valley. Southern Nevada also includes the areas in and around Tonopah, Hawthorne, Pahrump, and Pioche, but some organizations based in the Las Vegas area, such as the Southern Nevada Health District, effectively limit the term to Clark County.[1]

Geographically, Southern Nevada is partly, and in some cases, fully within the Mojave Desert.[citation needed] The population of the region, as measured by the 2000 U.S. Census, is 1,432,004, though the Las Vegas Valley has now increased to over 2,000,000 itself.

The counties most commonly associated with Southern Nevada with Mineral County not shown in red


A major part of Southern Nevada's economy is based primarily on tourism, including gambling.[citation needed] The primary drivers of the Las Vegas economy have been the confluence of tourism, gaming, and conventions which in turn feed the retail and dining industries. The city serves as world headquarters for the world's two largest Fortune 500 gaming companies, Harrah's Entertainment and MGM Mirage.[2]

Tourism also benefits the areas around Pahrump, which as served as a bedroom community of Las Vegas. Prostitution is also legal in areas of Southern Nevada, outside of Clark County.

The largest of Southern Nevada's casinos are located on the Las Vegas Strip


Aerial view of Pahrump, Nevada with Spring Mountains in the background

The Mojave Desert and Great Basin Desert cover all or most of Southern Nevada. Man made lakes, seasonal, and dry lakes periodically dot the landscape. Examples of these are Lake Mead, Lake Las Vegas and the Ivanpah Dry Lake.

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