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Shaannan (simplified Chinese: 陕南; traditional Chinese: 陝南; pinyin: Shǎnnán) is a region referring to the southern portion of Shaanxi province, China. Its name derives from the abbreviation of the province Shaan (), combined with its geographical location within the province ().

Much of the region is south of the Qin Mountains as well, and for this reason it was for long part of varying kingdoms known as Shu, which also included parts of the Sichuan Basin. In the Yuan Dynasty, the area began to be merged with what is the Guanzhong Plain to form Shaanxi Province. This barrier has also created major differences in climate, cultural traditions and language between Shaannan and the central and northern parts of Shaanxi, and thus there is some similarity between Shaannan and Sichuan.



Shaannan belongs to the group of Northern Chinese dialects, and forms a transition between the Sichuan and Northwest dialects. For the most part, the dialects of Shaannan are divided into the Qinlong and Guanzhong dialects of Zhongyuan Mandarin. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties a large number of people migrating from Hubei, with those from the mountains especially bringing Southwestern Mandarin to the region.



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