Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta

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The Speaker of the Alberta Legislative Assembly, is the presiding officer in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

The Speaker is selected by secret ballot in the first session of a new legislative assembly.

List of Speakers[edit]

Affiliation Name Years served
     Liberal Charles W. Fisher 1905–1920
     Liberal Charles Pingle 1920–1922
United Farmers Oran McPherson 1922–1926
United Farmers George Johnston 1926–1936
     Social Credit Nathan Eldon Tanner 1936–1937
     Social Credit Peter Dawson 1937–1963
     Social Credit Arthur J. Dixon 1963–1972
     Progressive Conservative Gerard Amerongen 1972–1986
     Progressive Conservative David J. Carter 1986–1993
     Progressive Conservative Stanley Schumacher 1993–1997
     Progressive Conservative Ken Kowalski 1997–2012
     Progressive Conservative Gene Zwozdesky 2012–2015
     New Democrat Bob Wanner 2015–Present

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