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The Spike Surplus Scheme was a community-run "do it yourself" project in a squatted building in Peckham, an area of London, England, in the London Borough of Southwark.[1] It provided rehearsal/recording facilities, health/martial arts space and a community garden. Running on a free-where-possible or donations level, the facilities were used by a wide variety of local talent. Other users were community garden permaculture groups, martial arts and various alternative therapy groups.

The scheme was established in 1999 on a fly-tipped, vandalised site at 39b Consort Road.[2] The building had in the past been a doss-house or "spike", a "shelter of last resort" serving the unemployed, homeless, and urban poor for over a century.[1] At the time of its reoccupation, the building had been derelict for a decade and its exterior grounds used for fly-tipping. On arrival, the members of the scheme immediately cleared them using a JCB digger.[2]

In December 2008, Southwark council obtained a possession order for the property[2] and the site was evicted in early 2009.[3]


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