St Mary's Perivale

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St Mary's Church, Perivale

St Mary's is an ancient 12th- or 13th-century English church, dedicated to St Mary, in the London suburb of Perivale. It is the smallest of the churches in Middlesex.[1] It became separated from its parish by the development and heavy traffic on the A40 trunk road and so ceased to be an active church in 1972. It was adopted by a charitable organisation formed from the local community—the Friends of St Mary—and now functions as an arts centre, holding local exhibitions and performances of classical music.

The church is built of rag-stone and flint, and its tower is unusual, being clad in white weatherboarding.[2]


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Coordinates: 51°31′55″N 0°19′22″W / 51.5319°N 0.3229°W / 51.5319; -0.3229